Koronadal mayor probes CSC findings on wayward workers

The city government has launched an “impartial” investigation into the alleged violations committed by its employees in connection with the recent unannounced inspection conducted by Civil Service Commissioner Aileen Lizada.

Mayor Eliordo Ogena said he has requested for a report and copies of the video footages and photos gathered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to facilitate proper investigation.   

Ogena said he will not hesitate to impose appropriate sanctions on employees who will be confirmed to have violated the provisions of Republic Act 6713 Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

The mayor cited the case of an employee who was reportedly caught in the act of selling jewelry inside their office during regular working hours, which he cited as the most serious of all the accusations.

“I will look for the footage of that employee and refer it to the legal department,” Ogena told reporters on Tuesday.

Lizada, who conducted the inspection on Thursday last week, earlier said she came across several employees with earphones attached to their mobile phones while at work.

She also found the information desk unmanned.

Ogena said he relieved a member of the city government’s Civil Security Unit who was not in his post during Lizada’s inspection.

As for employees found not wearing their identification cards, the mayor explained that they are newly-hired and have not yet received their new IDs.  

“Regarding the IDs, it’s still with the bids and awards committee. Many of our new employees have yet to buy their uniform,” Ogena said.

The mayor considered the CSC chief’s visit as a big challenge to civil servants and that any employee should not make excuses.

“That was an embarrassment for all of us, especially to me. This is a wake-up call to everyone. We cannot change that overnight, but I think, we have to apply the law to compel everyone to follow the policy of the institution,” Ogena said.

Should there be another unannounced inspection by the CSC, the mayor said he will ensure that their employees will be compliant with the government regulations and policies. (PNA)