Lung infections rise in Davao City

By Lorie A. Cascaro

Acute respiratory infection (ARI) was the top common disease in all age groups in the 16 health districts of Davao City between January and February this year based on statistics prepared by the City Health Office (CHO).
ARI ranked first among the top three common diseases in 11 districts, with 1,428 cases in Agdao district as the highest.
The World Health Organization has stated that ARI is among the leading causes of death in children under five years old.
Another common disease in the last two months was acute upper respiratory infection (AURI), and Buhangin had 231 cases, the highest among all districts.
Pneumonia and pulmonary tuberculosis were also included in the top three common diseases in some districts.
Last year, ARI, AURI and community acquired pneumonia (CAP) topped the most common disesases in the city, according to Arlene Abellana of the CHO Statistics Division.
There were 7,541 cases of ARI, 6,429 cases of AURI, and 6,335 cases of CAP in the 16 health districts from January to December 2011.
Since January this year, CAP is also the most common disease among admitted patients at the Community Health and Development Cooperative Hospital, Anda Riverside, Davao City.
Summer diseases
CHO chief Dr. Josephine Villafuerte said earlier that heat stroke, diarrhea and sore eyes are common diseases in the summer season.
Due to the high temperature during summer, these diseases are expected to hit most all age groups.
Villafuerte said people who join parades or bask under the sun are prone to heat stroke, which is very fatal, although the city has no recorded fatality yet.
“Everybody should practice drinking plenty of water daily, especially senior citizens who should not expose themselves to heat,” she said.
Diarrhea or acute gastroenteritis was also included in the top three common diseases in four health districts such as District A (which covers Barangay 1-A to Barangay 10-A), Tugbok, Calinan and Agdao with a total of 282 cases in January and February 2012.
Villafuerte said diarrhea is common in rural areas where water source is limited.