DCWD eyes waste treatment facility

The Davao City Water District is poised to propose to the City Government to establish a wastewater treatment facility once and for all.

Councilor Diosdado Mahipus revealed that the DCWD has already indicated it would help address wastewater issues by proposing the facility in Davao City.

Mahipus acknowledged that lack of proper sanitation is a constraint in the economic growth because of the water-related and airborne diseases, and environmental degradation.

“We will be only be saving the children and newborn babies from infections, and our mortality rate will be reduced if we will be conscious about safety in the use of water and filtration, and septic waste disposal,” Mahipus said.

He hopes that DCWD will now be filling in because the city council is pressuring them to comply as the law mandates them to do so.

“If dili sila mutuman, mapugos mi na mag-invest or hire og private entities,” Mahipus added.

He also noted that simple and affordable technology should be employed in the waterwaste management to improve the current situation in Davao.

Mahipus reiterated that there is a need to convert the wastewater to energy because the sewage system might not be the best solution for the city.

He added the facility will also help the city attract foreign investors because foreigners are very particular about wastewater.

Mahipus said he is meeting with DCWD next week and they can make a presentation about the proposal.

“We will discuss with them sa parameters sa project,” he said.