Duterte tells trump not to use force in stopping NoKor’s nuclear launch

President Rodrigo R. Duterte told US President Donald Trump not to use force on stopping North Korea’s Nuclear Missile launch.

Duterte bared on Monday that he suggested to Trump in a telephone conversation that he should scare its leader Kim Jong-un with a firepower.

The Philippine President said the fallout of North Korea’s plan would include China and the Philippines is also within the striking distance of their nuclear missiles.

“Our greatest chance there of getting some dialogue with America and North Korea would be through the intercession of China,” Duterte said.

Duterte said this is the concern of everybody not only with us but the ASEAN countries since the Heads of States also expressed their fear of an outbreak because of the threat of a nuclear warhead.

“We are as concerned and I supposed that you — you have the persuasive power, you are showing it to him. There has to be a sense somewhere,” Duterte told Trump.

Meanwhile, Duterte said he did not accept the invitation of President Trump to US because he cannot make any definite promises.

“I’m tied up. I cannot make any definite promise. I’m supposed to go to Russia, I’m also supposed to go to Israel, I’m supposed to go to… Where else?” he said.