NPAs putting to risk simple lives and dreams: Paolo

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte added his voice to the condemnation of the rebel New People’s Army attack on Lapanday Foods Corporation in Barangay Mandug for endangering the life of a fish vendor who was hit by an improvised explosive on April 29.

“Just like Larry (the fish vendor), many other Filipinos just wanted to live their normal lives and spend time with their families and loved ones,” said the vice mayor in a privilege speech during the 17th regular council session on Tuesday.

“This simple dream is now being endangered by the so-called ‘People Army,’” he added.

He also expressed his disappointment to the group, for continuing to wage war and despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer of peace.

“The NPA had been waging this war for decades now and all along they are claiming that they’re doing it for the masses. For the Filipino people who does not have the means and the strength to fight a despotic government. For people like Larry. Wala pa ba mo gipangkapoy anang inyong pakigbisog? Are you not tired of fighting? We now have a government under the Duterte administration that’s offering peace. And yet you continue waging war.”

According to the mayor, this unceasing battle that the NPA has been fighting for years have ‘victimized not only the government but the very people you claim to be fighting for.’

Despite the attacks, Vice Mayor Duterte expressed that the city government of Davao is not closing its doors for a genuine peace that would benefit each and every Filipino. However, he said his offer ‘must come with a word of caution’ considering that this administration is only good for six years and that the NPA may never again come across an administration like the Duterte administration.

In his ending statement, he expressed that the city council of Davao is in full support of whatever actions to be taken by Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to prevent any future atrocities.