NO OVERCHARGING   LTFRB to summon Toril operators for ‘undercharging’

The P25 -fare being charged by “uso-uso” and other jeepney drivers from Toril to Roxas Avenue is not overcharging as complained by passengers.  Instead it is a case of “undercharging”, according to the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) yesterday.

In a text message to inquiring reporters,  LTFRB 11 OIC Regional Director Cattleya Acaylar said that based on a fare matrix that the LTFRB had earlier released, the fare from Toril to Roxas Avenue should be P27.50 for the 18-kilometer route.

“We assessed that these Toril jeepney or “uso-uso” operators had been undercharging for a long time and they had just imposed these from P20 to P25, which is still undercharging, based on the fare matrix,” Acaylar said.

However, the increased fare of P27.50 (one way) for the route was never implemented  for years due to competition among the  various passenger jeepney groups plying the Toril-Roxas Avenue route. Instead, they had been undercharging the passengers.

The LTFRB had received a series of complaints over the weekend, after one passenger sent a message to a radio station’s Facebook page which went viral after it was posted.

Initially, the report alleged that taking advantage of the P10-minimum fare hike. However, LTFRB clarified that this fare increase is  effective only in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Regions 3 and 4.

Acaylar said that the operators must stick to the fare matrix or else they will be penalized for undercharging with a P5,000 fine, under the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01.

She also warned drivers and operators who will charge additional P2 as a minimum fare will also be penalized with the same fine.

LTFRB will be calling all Toril jeepney drivers and operators to an assembly  shortly to clarify the fare matrix an to warn all parties about the consequence of ignoring the fare matrix. .

The fare matrix of Toril is posted on LTFRB’s official Facebook page, LTFRB Region XI – Davao.