Bulk water project to cover 70% of city area

The P12.6 billion Davao City bulk water supply project will cover 70 percent of the city’s urban area when completed first half of next year.

Apo Agua Infrastructura Inc., a joint venture between Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. and JV Angeles Construction Corp., is working for the completion of the bulk water supply project, which will source water from the Tamugan River.

Lawyer Bernard Delima, spokesperson of the Davao City Water District (DCWD), told media that the project is designed to serve the urban areas in Davao City.

“We really cannot cover the whole of Davao City. Ang among mandate is to serve the urban areas only ug didto mi nag- concentrate. More or less we will be able to serve Davao around close to 70 percent in terms of the whole Davao City but when it comes to 100 percent dili puwede kay dako kayo ang Davao lisod i-cover. Hopefully pag lay sa main line we will be needing the main line extensions pagsulod sa streets ug barangays. As much as we can cover. Pag ma-cover na namo ang mandate that is the only time na magsaka mi. Although, karon nagasaka name bisan wala pa nahuman ang project,” Delima said.  

To serve those areas not covered by the bulk water project, aside from the P10 billion bulk water project cost, DCWD has its own P2-billion pipe laying project as counterpart to improve and expand the distribution system.
“Aside from the P10 billion, DCWD has a counterpart of P2 billion para sa replacement sa mga lines ug katong improvement sa existing main lines extensions and creation of another laterals,” Delima said.

DCWD Deputy Spokesperson Jovana Cresta Duhaylungsod said the bulk water supply project will not be the only source of DCWD. She said they will be utilizing ground water sources and production wells to cater those areas that will not be cover by the bulk water project.

“We have to remember that the bulk water supply project will not be the only water source of the Davao City Water District. But it will be the major water source. Katong mga areas na dili ma-serve we will still be utilizing ang atoang ground water sources and additional production wells,” she said.

Duhaylungsod cited the recent completion of DCWD’s production well in Binugao, which was completed in January this year and is already operational and is already accepting new service connections.  

The service coverage of the bulk water project will be the areas in Calinan, Tugbok, Talandang, Mandug, Dumoy, Lanang, Sasa, Bajada, Indangan, Tibungco, Bunawan, Lasang, and Panacan.  

“What would happen sa katong others areas ni Davao City na dili ma-serve sa project. We will not stop from building additional water sources that is why we have a complimentary P2 billion to the bulk water project. We will be developing additional ground water sources to serve those areas na dili ma serve,” Duhaylungsod said.

The P2 billion pipe laying project started in 2015 and is more than halfway done in sub-project terms.

Duhaylungsod said out of the 32 projects, 20 are completed and most of them are also being operated while waiting for the completion of the bulk water project. She said in the remaining 12, six are already ongoing and most of them are targeted to be completed this year.

“Other six still ongoing pa ang procurement. Kaning remaining na wala pa na-kompleto pero dili ni detrimental sa full operation of the bulk water supply project,” she said.

Once operational, Apo Agua will deliver 300 million liters per day (MLD) to DCWD as provided under their bulk water supply agreement. The project will also have a small hydro-electric plant to power the water treatment facility.