DDH opens drive-thru laboratory

Committed to continue serving its clientele without compromising the quality of patient care amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Davao Doctors Hospital launched the first drive-thru laboratory services in Davao City dubbed as Lab-n-Go.

Especially designed with the safety of its patients in mind, Lab-n-Go offers features such as contactless as blood will be drawn out while the patient stays inside the vehicle.

The program promises safety as patients do not need to step inside the hospital, limiting exposure to other patients and adheres to social distancing.

It is also convenient as drive-thru addresses the perennial problem of parking space and after procedures, results will be posted online via online.ddh.com.ph

It also promises faster transaction as there are only three steps involved to complete the process in just 15 minutes: pay at the cashier, drive-up the extraction site, and exit.

“We understand that there is a feeling of hesitancy going to the hospital at this time of a pandemic crisis; the reason why the Lab-n-Go program of DDH was introduced. It is a new concept designed to offer convenience and safety assurance to our patients and to anyone who wants to avail of its services. With our drive-thru laboratory, anybody can have their much-needed laboratory tests done without setting foot inside the hospital from the convenience of their vehicle,” said Dr. Fides R. Ababon, assistant medical director for special projects and Lab-n-Go chair.

Ababon said the program is one of the three pillars of DDH’s new medical lifestyle that is designed to deliver holistic contactless patient care namely: Telemedicine, MedExpress Pharmacy Delivery or Pickup, and the Lab-n-go.

The Lab-n-Go is open from Monday to Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with procedure to be done at the drive-thru. No appointments needed and all blood works except HIV tests and some procedures for send-outs.