Not the time to talk about who’s tired: Sara

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio reacted to the call of health workers for the re-implementation of Food and Medicine Pass (FM Pass) as its lifting will result to spike of Covid-19 cases in Davao City. 

Some Dabawenyo health workers from hospitals like the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) are calling for the re-implementation of the pass because they feel that the lifting will result to even more cases of Covid-19 and that they are already tired. 

“Kung naa’y tao na gikapoy diri, ako to. Sa tinuod lang. Because one person and one office only sees one dimension kato lang naa sa iyahang opisina sa iyahang sector. Ako, I see everything and this is not the time nga mag-istorya ta ug kapoy,” the mayor said.  

The city government of Davao has ordered for the lifting of the FM pass and curfew hours for Davao City that started on August 3, 2020, as part of easing of restrictions under the general modified community quarantine (MGCQ).

Mayor Sara explained that under MGCQ, there are activities that do not require an FM pass. She also cited that the fourth quarter of every year is a celebratory mood for everyone.

“Lahi ang mood ug batasan sa mga tao during the fourth quarter of the year they become happier, celebratory, ambot. Maybe because kaniadto kung duna pa’y klase, wala na’y klase ana that time so ang families are together and doing their thing,” she said. 

She said that “celebratory” mood will soon come and it is important that Dabawenyos will understand that ,although, it is the joyous season there is still a need for basic health protocols to be implemented.  

“So dapat masabtan siya sa mga tao karon pa lang. Let’s not wait na ang mga tao hyped na kaayo sila sa muabot na season without emphasizing sa ilaha na there is a need to regulate themselves with mask, distancing, handwashing, and planning your lakaw para most of the time you are home,” she said. 

Mayor Sara reminded the public that all are in the same boat called Davao boat and each one has a task to do to ensure that protocols are implemented. 

“We are on the same boat it’s called Davao boat and unfortunately, dili mo namo puwede i-jettison so kauban gihapon mo namo. Mag-kauban tang tanan aning barkoha ni and everyone has a task to do or otherwise kung dili ninyo ni buhaton ang inyuhang task malunod ang atoang barko,” she said. 

She said each must contribute in carrying the hospitals and health care workers by observing the health protocols of social distancing, wearing of mask, handwashing, and staying at home.

“Ang atoang hospitals and healthcare workers naa sila tanan didto sa taas (boat) and we are all carrying them on our shoulders. Kung naay isa sa atoa nga dili mukarga sa ilaha mayabo ang atoang barko. Mutakilid and what do we mean when we say we are carrying them on our shoulders mao na tong stay at home, wear mask when going to public places sugod sa pag-gawas sa inyong gate, distancing,” she said. 

The mayor also directed the Davao City Police Office (DCPO) to instruct personnel to bring a stick of one meter long when deployed to measure distancing. 

“We need to emphasize sa mga tao nga kanang mask ug distancing mag-dungan na sila because kung mask lang ug walay distansiya, mutaas ang risk na matakdan siya,” she said.