City plans to publish areas with positive Covid-19 cases

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio disclosed plans to publish the areas in Davao City with positive cases of Covid-19.

“Naay idea nga i-publish na ang mga areas nga naay nag-positive para ang mga tao makalikay na sa maong lugar. Example, City Mayors Office. 

Para ang mga tao its either dili na sila muadto and number two, naa silay’s extra precaution nga buhaton kung muadto sila didto because duna naman gud ta mga patients karon nga nagtrabaho sa mga lugar na ginaadtoan sa mga tao like groceries. It would be good kung masulti nato kung asa ang lugar para ang mga tao mag hinay hinay sila,” Mayor Sara said in a broadcast interview with Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) 87.5 on Monday. 

The mayor said the idea is to make the people extra cautious for areas with positive cases. 

“Mamahimong specific na siya para dili maadtuan sa mga tao. We expect na kung makabalo ang tao asa ang lugar na naay positive they will be extra cautious,” she said.  

The mayor added that this is not a violation of privacy because it is only the area that would be published.  

“Area, meaning place not the barangay, not the purok, kundili ang general location,” she explained.  

As of September 21, 2020, total active cases in Davao City per Department Of Health 11-Center for Health Development (CHD) is 241 while total cases is 1, 683, total recovery is 1,380 and total deaths is 62. 

Currently there are 50 houses, four compounds, and two puroks on lockdowns.