Furor over FM Pass revival

While some welcomed it, others are unhappy with the return of the Food and Medicine (FM) pass starting November 17 (Tuesday) at 5 am.

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio issued Executive Order No. 62 Series of 2020 on Friday evening which provides the guidelines on enforcement of the prohibition on non-essential travel in Davao City to control the COVID-19 cases in Davao City because of the full occupancy of the COVID-19 beds in the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and other hospitals.

One of the provisions cited in the EO is the reuse of the FM pass. This is due to “persistent disregard of many individuals to abide by the stay home/quarantine while the city is under the modified general community quarantine (MGCQ).”

The EO states that the FM pass shall be used to buy food or medicines. Two individuals can be named on the pass but only one named person can use it at any given time. The FM pass must be used with a valid ID to verify the name indicated therein.

The FM pass with last digit 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 can only be used on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. FM pass with last digit 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 can only be used on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. FM pass can only be used from the hours of 5:00AM to 7:00PM.

Dabawenyos are no longer allowed to go out every Sunday as FM pass cannot be used on that day.

Upon hearing the latest news on the Covid regulations, several Dabawenyos vented their anger and frustration on social media.

Celeste Sanoria questioned the city government of Davao’s implemented protocols and guidelines. 

“City Government of Davao what’s your stand in implementing all these protocols and guidelines? Kungbaga , anung pinaglalaban nyo? Kapakanan pa ba ng nakakaraming tao? Bec from what I see, everything is just hurting the people rather than helping. Business, jobs, education, lifestyle, health, economy, etc. I can’t see any significance of those protocols over less than 1% of critical cases,” Sanoria posted.

Sanoria even cited data from one of the commenters that said “Hard data shows that only 10 out of the 1,992 active cases of Covid in Davao region as of November 10, 2020 are critical cases. That’s according to the Facebook page of the Department of Health Davao Region. Ten (10) out of 1,992 is 1/2 of 1% (0.5%). The rest are asymptomatic (57.2%, mild 36.5%, and severe 5.8%). Asymptomatic and mild cases account for 93.7% of active cases. If critical cases as of November 10 are only 0.5%, that means that the survival rate is 99.5% or higher (100%- 0.5%).”

May Blossoms posted that protocols and priorities should be deeply studied before implementation and the qualifying backgrounds of best advisers (of the mayor) should be reviewed.

“I consider this as tip of iceberg murmur from the people. When DQR was first introduced it crashed (millions want registered but the software system is not compatible a reflection of IT failure maybe) who admits failure? I can hear nobody,” she said. 

Shi Chi considered the new EO as another form of ‘scamdemic.’

“Scamdemic na jud ni… Imagine kita na gani cge ug amping kita pa hinuon ang daghan ug cases halata na kaayo mo sa inyong pangpangwarta… Palabi mo sa inyong gibati gabaan ra japon mo…,” she commented.

A certain Marie Shiela said she is not agreeing with the latest order and even lamented that if one questions the city government of Davao, she or he will be tagged.

“Hey..i’m not agreeing to all this but if we dont comply they throw us in jail. For me, we need to start living with Covid and not hide from it. Plus, SPMC only has 330 beds for severe to critical covid 19 patients. For a population of 1.5 M in Metro Davao alone and given the time to prepare for this and let alone money, why only 330 beds? The problem is if you question them (Davao City govt) they tag you. One more thing, I have neighbors who work for the city govt and they break protocol and bring their children out and have parties. That means this covid thing is either a farce or you have a bunch of govt workers who feel they are entitled. I’m sick of all the nonsense but what can i do? Just as long as no hard lockdown…,” she posted.

There are also Dabawenyos who welcomed the new order and even expected this as more people failed to self-regulate.

“Actually, expected na mangyayari ito after the people of Davao failed to self-regulate during the time. Since people cannot regulate the government force strict implementation which is good. Wala kasing decipline ang mga tao,” Prime Davao Property posted.

Je Je Handayan commented that it is better for those who keep on complaining to get infected with Covid-19 or be penalized. 

“Better, sa mga reklamador, dali lang man, papenalty nlng gud mo, or pwd pud pacovid nlng pud mo,” Handayan said.

Winsher Oinogrog is hopeful that more people will get mad to those who are stubborn and don’t follow health protocols than criticize the city government of Davao.

“Unta maka basa pud ko dirig cmment nga nasuko didto sa mga badlungon ug gahig ulo. Puro na lng sa city government ang basol. Unya ug pasagdan ta diri sa Davao kai di mo ka angay sa balaod. Edi hurot ta diri,” Oinogrog said.

Anna Kaye Lavador Bontoyan urged fellow Dabawenyos to follow the city’s policies.

“The purpose is clear. The government wants to control the people’s movement due to the increasing cases of COVID-19 here in the city. Di nalang ta mag pa stress ug nireklamo kay wa man tay lain mabuhat kundili magsunod japon kung unsa man ang EOs na ipagawas God bless nalang sa atuang tanan,” she said.

Some Dabawenyos are concerned because they lost their FM pass while others misplaced it. 

“So unsaon man tong nawala na ang FM pass? Mag issue ba mo usab? Kay naa pud baya uban na wala ga work sa any physical company or establishment dri sa Davao like freelancers (online jobs jud sukad pa) so wala jud company IDs. So unsaon mana?” Princess May Baybayan-Jansol posted.

“Maka stress mani oi aha naman pud ta mangeta ug fm pass ani.” Melynda Matulac posted.

It can be recalled that Mayor Sara implemented the use of FM pass when the city was placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in April this year.

However, on August 3, 2020, the city government of Davao lifted the use of FM pass including the curfew hours as part of relaxing things under MGCQ.

Yet, Mayor Sara reminded Dabawenyos to keep their respective FM pass because it may be used again.

“I-keep gihapon ang FM pass kay basig daghan gihapon ang cases and basig magamit nato siya ug balik,” she said in a live broadcast in July this year.


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