‘Reyna’ pushes for implementation of pending anti-discrimination ordinance

Reyna Dabawenya Facebook Page Photo

Newly-crowned Reyna Dabawenya 2023 Sheila Magpale III vowed to work hard for the implementation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the city’s Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, which is still pending.

Magpale said on Friday that the said ordinance lacks the participation of the different sectors and that until now it still has no IRR.

“Kulang siya sa participation sa different sectors mao na gamiton gyud nako ni akong title to collaborate with the different sectors para ma-implement ug ma enact ang IRR sa atoang anti-discrimination ordinance,” she said over Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) on Friday.

Magpale informed the crowd during the pageant’s coronation night at the RMC Gazz Arena on Wednesday that the ordinance is still a piece of paper until now.

She wowed the audience with her answer to the questions that focus on promoting gender equality and eradicating transphobia in Davao City.

“Many of us do not know that our Anti-Discrimination Ordinance in the city has not yet implemented rules and regulations. It is a sad fact that it is just a piece of paper. It doesn’t mean that it won’t happen it’s just prolonged. That is my humblest promise as Reyna Dabawenya to work with our government and LGU to enact the implementing rules and regulations of the ordinance for us to be fully protected regardless of our gender, regardless of who you are, we deserve equality,” she answered.

She emphasized that the ordinance is not just for the LGBTQ community but for all specially the minority group.

On December 12, 2012, the members of the Sanggunian enacted City Ordinance No,0417-12, Series of 2012 otherwise known as the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Davao City” to ensure respect for the rights of individuals, without discrimination of any kind as to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin, religious affiliation or beliefs, and to foster peace within the territorial jurisdiction of Davao City.

“Before ko nagjoin sa Reyna Dabawenya, gi-ask nako ang akong sarili kung unsa ang akoang tumong or purpose. Gusto gyud nako ug equality sa atoang syudad. Mao ni ang akoang plano if ever madaug ko, which is gihatag gyud sa Ginoo,” Magpale said.

Reyna Dabawenya is among the activities of the 86th Araw ng Davao. Magpale III bested 19 other candidates.

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