‘Kusina’ gets three new delivery vans

A total of P3.3 million has been spent for three “Kusina ng Bayan” vehicles that will be used to deliver food assistance to communities, especially during times of disasters and emergencies.

Jose Ong, head of Barangay Cultural Communities and Affairs Division BCCAD, said the Davao City Government has acquired the new Hyundai H100 units to be deployed to the BCCAD and the Office of the City Mayor.

According to Ong, the brand new vehicles were presented during Monday’s regular flag ceremony.

“This will strengthen the Kusina ng Bayan program because previously, we were only renting our vehicles. Now that we have our own, it will be easier for us to deliver food assistance to our communities,” Ong said in an interview.

Ong said with the vehicles, the city government could now readily respond to numerous areas in the event of a disaster.

“It would be of great help, especially during flash-floods or other calamities,” he said.

Currently, the city government has two older mobile kitchens under the City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO).

The Kusina ng Bayan program was launched last year to serve food to calamity victims.