Business bureau bares good turnout of permit renewals

A total of 15,968 business permits have been issued by the city government’s Business Bureau as of Wednesday night, January 29, the 24th day of the renewal period

The Business Bureau Office said the approved permits were part of the 34,996 applications for 2020 business permits.

BBO head Marissa Marasigan-Torrentera noticed a good turnout this year which they attributed from diligent reminders to taxpayers to file business renewals early.  

“We keep reminding them nga mag-renew ug sayo ug kung mahimo i-check daan ang mga documents. Kani factor ni para mapaspas kay dili na ma-pending ang pag-process,” Torrentera told media in I-Speak.

This is also the third year that the bureau is practicing early printing of the application forms for renewal. Forms were already printed as early as December 2019. 

“Early printing for example for renewal 2020 as early as December 2019 pa lang naga-allow nami magsugod na sila ug process. Naa na sila sa step one, which is filing. Pag-file nila sa December tagaan na namo sila ug application form for renewal and come January naa na sila sa step 2, which is assessment and payment,” she said.

She added that last December 2019, they conducted advanced printing of 3,669 application forms.

“Dako na nga figure compared to December 2018 nga ang early printing that time was only more than 1,000. Daghan naman ang medyo kabalo so mas gina-execute na nila ang step one early as December pa lang,” Torrentera said.  

However, Torrentera clarified that early printing would be applicable only if applicants paid all their taxes already.