DTI, TikTok discuss ways to bolster PH e-commerce

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said Thursday that Secretary Alfred Pascual led a discussion with TikTok in Singapore on June 5 to reinforce their partnership and explore new collaborations to enhance the Philippines’ digital economy.

During the meeting, Pascual pointed out how the collaboration with TikTok is a “pivotal step” in propelling the country’s e-commerce industry.

“This partnership is poised to significantly bolster the growth and development of the digital marketplace, benefiting businesses, consumers, and the overall economy,” Pascual said.

TikTok, introduced in the Philippines in May 2017, launched its TikTok Shop in April 2022. The platform now has around 53 million users in the country, with approximately two million sellers in the TikTok Shop.

The DTI chief also highlighted the importance of partnering with online platforms in empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), particularly in rural areas, as outlined in the E-Commerce Philippines 2025 Roadmap.

The DTI and TikTok representatives also discussed the potential to partner for the establishment of a Content Creator Academy to nurture Filipino talent and creativity.

Likewise, the DTI acknowledged TikTok’s support as a key partner for the upcoming first Cashless Expo, a collaboration between the DTI, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and the private sector that aims to promote digital payments in the agricultural and trade sectors.

Moreover, Pascual commended TikTok’s Safety Enforcement Tool designed to enhance consumer protection by allowing verified government agencies and law enforcement to request and monitor content takedowns securely.

He also welcomed TikTok’s partnership with the DTI’s attached agency Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines through a memorandum of understanding that aims to combat online counterfeiting and piracy, fostering a safer e-commerce environment.

With the passage of the Vape Law, Pascual commended TikTok’s compliance with the new regulation by removing content and products related to vape sales following show-cause orders from the DTI-Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau.

“We encourage TikTok to continue its compliance with relevant local laws and regulations,” Pascual said, adding that the government is committed to providing TikTok opportunities to address any concerns.

Pascual added that TikTok remains a proactive partner in shaping the future of e-commerce in the Philippines, contributing valuable insights to the Internet Transactions Act and the upcoming E-Commerce Roadmap 2025. (PNA)

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