Dining out on sundays at Dusit d2

Since the start of the pandemic, my stove and basic cooking skills were my best friends when it came to having a meal. While what I create at home are good for daily needs, there are times when I want to cook up something more sophisticated or complex but the huge amount of preparation, ingredients, and cleaning up can literally be a drag, especially during weekends.

Enter Madayaw Cafe’s Sunday offerings at the Dusit D2 Davao, a Sunday Brunch Special during the day and Roast and Salad Sundays for dinner, Madayaw Café gives diners a much-needed Sunday break, offering a delectable feast that families and friends will love on first taste.
I recently got to experience the Roast and Salad Sunday offerings and it was definitely a welcome change from the usual dinners at home and is definitely a good way to cap off the weekend. Seriously, nothing is as special as a perfectly cooked Roasted US Beef Chuck Roll, plus all the Filipino staples like Lechon Belly and Roast Chicken, cooked to perfection and complete with all the sides and sauces one desires, all of course served with health and safety protocols in place.
 The carving station is accompanied by a generous salad bar stocked with various leafy greens, sweetcorn, fresh tomato, cucumber, turnips, fried eggplant, black olives, sliced guava, fresh mango, peach halves, poached chicken breast, garlic shrimps, julienne smoked ham, thousand island dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch dressing, croutons, cheese, boiled egg, red beets, and bacon bits.
Aside from the roasts and salads, the buffet also features many of Madayaw Cafés favorite dishes like Green Shrimp Curry, Fish Fillet, Bacon Wrapped Tuna Belly, Pizzas, and various desserts and pastries that are sure to bring a bit of sweet happiness, even to the most picky of eaters.
Sunday Brunch at Madayaw Café is priced at Php 1200 net per person, from 10:30AM – 2:30PM while Roast and Salad Sunday is priced at Php 888 net per person, and is open from 5PM – 8PM. To book a table or inquire for reservations, guests may e-mail Dusit Davao at fb.reservations@dusitdavao.com or call (082) 27 7500.

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