Casus belli

BENEATH the merry atmosphere that its flurry of  activities purport, this week’s  Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival has an underlying message that needs to be articulated and emphasized immediately at a more somber time. It is the urgency of global warming a.k.a. climate change.
Excuse the organizers for seemingly glossing over the latter weightier concern in favor of highlighting cultural dances, ethnic music,  fine arts and performing arts, extreme sports events and other unique activities, for after all Kadayawan is basically a merrymaking time.
Most important is for the whole shebang to be able to put across the message that Davao’s  natural wealth, cultural heritage and human resource are so valuable they must be protected, promoted and developed at all cost.
We submit that the most soaring result of this year’s Kadayawan would be the realization by Dabawenyos that their much threatened natural riches are worth fighting – and dying- for. Let this realization gel and sink in to the point that Dabawenyos would be willing to become warriors with their once pristine and now highly threatened environment as casus belli. For the truth is, this is their urgent task, their inter-generational responsibility to their children and their children’s children.


Business opportunists

AS for opportunistic business activities like the Mindanao trade expo  riding on the Kadayawan extravaganza to make a fast buck, it is hoped that the smart guys behind  them would be altruistic enough to share in the inter-generational responsibility discussed above. May be they should set aside a small portion of their profits to start a fund to protect our natural national treasures.
For, come to think of it, many of the disasters that have caused untold misery to the Filipino people for years now were caused by the loggers – legal and illegal — and their collaborating log exporters who raped our forests in wanton abandon in  collusion with the corrupt regulators in the government.
Sorry to say, but a big number of our businessmen are clueless about social responsibility and that what they only care about is the ringing of their cash registers.