Editorial – Young generation

For the first time in the country’s history, the 2010 presidential elections seems to have generated an unusual surge of interest among young Filipinos, thanks to the efforts of many concerned citizens’ groups to galvanize enthusiasm among the youth for participation in the electoral process.
Filipino youth who have attained voting age are registering in droves to be able to cast their votes and, in so doing, take an active hand in the shaping of their country’s future – which also happens to be their own future. These are the very Filipinos whom Dr. Jose P. Rizal referred to as “the hope of the Fatherland!”
For who else will inherit the future of this country if not the millions of young Filipinos and those who will come after them? Yes, long after their elders shall have gone to their just rewards. For too long has Philippine politics been the monopoly of the over-40s while the under-40s had other things in mind than involving themselves in the favorite pastime of their elders – politics. Oftentimes, dirty politics.
This new-found interest, nay, excitement even, in the 2010 elections among our younger generation has been a long time coming. And timely, too. There is a need for this country to redirect its path to the future, given the global problems of the times we’re in.
The call of the hour is TRANSFORMATION. In many ways. In our political life…our economic life…our social life…in our educational system, etc. The time to begin is NOW when we find ourselves assessing the qualities of candidates for various positions, from the president down to the members of city/municipal councils. Not to forget barangay officials.
If our young voters have a stake in the coming polls, they better be prepared to separate the chaff from the grain, as it were, and not fall for the blandishments of glib-tongued political charlatans which this country has a surfeit of.