MY TWO CENTS’: More Game changers

I would like to share with you an article from taking about game changers that have created a positive impact on society.

“After thousand read and shared our previous ” game changer” article, we thought of giving you more ” game changers” and why they are so:

  1. Bangsamoro Organic Law. This is different since it has the supoort of the widest spectrum of muslim political groups. Recall bow past peace sgreements and autonomy arrangments failed due to fsctionalism among Moro organizations.
  2. Marawi Victory. The first time since Lapu Lapu’s victory in Mactan did a group of Philippine soldiers decide to engage and defeat a foreign enemy, and secure post conflict peace.
  3. 3rd Telco player . This threatens the current duopoly in our telecommunications sector, forcing them to already make new service offers they hope we cannot refuse.

With the bid documents for this out, the entry of a third major player is a matter of time

  1. New Clark Green City Recall how the Aquino administration shelved the full development of Clark because it was, well, in Pampanga, the home province of former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

It will now host the future international airport and the long awaiyed northrail. This will immediately decongest Metro Manila and provide a modern investment and technology driven, environment friendly metropolis that reminds us of Malaysias putrajaya and Indonesias Batam.

  1. Proposed Universal Health Care- Notice how people tend to avoid proper health care and take everythin herbal? The fear of proper nedicine is brought by high costs. With free universal health care, everyone can experience more modern medication without the threat of high costs. Will this encourage us to turn away from the herbal cult that promises to cure everyting with “no therapeutic claims?” That remains to be seen.
  2. Proposed PUV Modernization and mass transit systems. Is it not time we started listening more to transport experts rather than noisy  transport groups?

In sum, these game changing programs and legislation are possible due to something sorely lacking in previous governments: political will.

Moreover, whether we like it or not,  a president who will push what is necessary and could not care less about what you think about him is a game changer.”