MY TWO CENTS’: Ruckus at the House of Representatives?

Criticisms from federalism advocates and an statement from Malacanang asking congress to reconsider the draft federal constitution now hound the leadership  of the House of Representatives. 

Add this to the accusations of improper “pork” allocations in the 2019 budget, (and the lack of a budget) and you have a house leadership under siege from many fronts, including supporters of the President who seem frustrated with the term of Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

What made the house look even worse was Majority Floorleader Rolando Andaya Jr’s accusations against Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno. Many view this as a cheap shot that only brings to mind his own improprieties. How you judge it is up to you.

Many hoped that the GMA assumption as speaker last June would marshall legislative support for the President to bring new laws he called for during his State of the Nation Address, such as a new land use code, and other vital reforms on top of those achieved in his first two years. 

Even more, they hoped that her entry would remove some of the issues raised against the previous speaker.

But with these recent events and outcomes at the House of Representatives, things may not be looking as good for the lower chamber’s leadership.

Where to buy nice gits that uplift

Again it is Christmas and we are all in the usual rush to shop for gift items for our loved ones. One store i patronize is the echo store along diversion road near the Bacaca road intersection. It has a wide array of gift items from small communities from coffee to snacks. 

A particular gift worth giving is the award winning nipa palm sugar made by an outfit called verdantkart. It is an alternative to the equally healthy coconut sugar, and does not have the aftertaste. It is made from nipa, a wild plant growing near our coastlines. 

The sap from this plant is harvested by local folk and processed by the outfit into granules that go best with our own davao coffee or sikwate. 

What makes nipa special is that being a wild plant, it is a natural resource that does not require farmers to own plantations. The farmers and fisherfolk can tap these for free to augment their income. What this means is that 

You can get them  at the echo store.