SPECKS OF LIFE: Reflections

That our earthly life goes through intermittent cycles of difficulties, hardships and testing is no longer debatable.

They are already staring us starkly in the face and affecting our life style, impacting more on our economic conditions and circumstances.

People tend to treat them individually on a case-to-case basis because not everyone reacts to situations the same way.

I look at the current conditions quite wryly although my thoughts are focused more on the spiritual aspect.

I believe that more than the physical side, we Filipinos should ideally search our inner selves.

As a Christian nation – and the only one in Southeast Asia for that matter – we ought to seek answers to the spiritual dilemma bugging Filipinos today. Which is: why aren’t there more Christians growing up in maturity in Christ?

The answer to this can be adduced to the fact that many live their Christian life nominally. That is, they do not get and receive good, impactful biblical instruction because they have unresolved spiritual conflicts in their lives.

Because of the magnetic attraction of material wealth that gives luxury and comfort, Christians temporarily set aside their spirituality and go for stuff that seem normal to pursue, forgetting that these are traps set by the enemy that lead to perdition.

Many treat this circumstance philosophically or ignore it outright, preferring to follow and swim where the river flows.

My limited understanding is that all people want the best for their family, collectively speaking – be it spiritually or physically but with emphasis on earthly possessions that give them material satisfaction.

Neil Anderson, author of The Bondage Breaker, wrote that some Christians have been “dominated by thought patterns, habits and behaviors which kept them from living free and productive lives in Christ.”Our search for Him from Whom infinite grace, love, provisions and joy come has been, at best, skin deep. When storms come barging, we fumble our way, frantically pleading (not praying) for Him to take away these crises and protect us from harm.

Curiously, the truth is that not too many Christians realize that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Now, if you are an observant Christian who takes to heart biblical instruction and knowledge, it would be easy for you to understand why chaos and confusion, conflicts and wars are becoming the order of the day.

No longer are these ordinary occurrences because these have been prophesied in the Holy Book thousands of years ago, long before the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The volatile Mid-East problem with Israel at the center alarmingly threatens the world as Russia, Turkey and Iran are massing up militarily at Israel’s northern border that is Syria.

With the US pullout of its ground troops in Syria, Turkey is reportedly emboldened to wipe out the rebellious Kurds that the USA has been supporting.

Put these developments in the Philippine political mix and you will slowly but surely understand why there is a pattern to discombobulate the stability of our government.

In the end, Christians must have a say and express their righteous indignation so that spiritual righteousness will prevail instead of the will of the greedy and grabbers of power and authority.

This attitude may not be congruent to the political plots and schemes of the opposition but certainly it is the correct and more peaceful approach to the problems confronting the nation.