SPECKS OF LIFE: Life’s enemies


“The pen,” according to Miguel de Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, “is the tongue of the soul.”

Man’s destiny is penned by his own thoughts, by how the human spirit straddles between purity and impurity, integrity and deception, honesty and lies, morality and sin.

Much of our journey to life is pockmarked with difficulties, struggles and trials. These three have a kinship that only great men of courage and conviction can tell and relate.

Success is often measured by how much you own.

Yet it is often told that until you learn to appreciate what you have now, you will want to get more to satisfy you and enhance your life. Greed engulfs men and that creates enmity among themselves.

Fear and dread are the twin negatives that challenge us enroute to our destination. These can pull us down and take us to a retreating escape, which, on reflection, earn us the ‘loser’ label.

People, ideally, must adapt to their surroundings. Or else, get out if you cannot stand the heat. Prudence is the better part of valor. Or is it really?

Are you one among the many who believes that a person must first have money to get himself started and going? Many great stories about great men who rose from rags to riches will surely dispute this in your face.

Abraham Lincoln did not have money. He lived in a log cabin, pursued a career in law, lost in several elections but persevered to win the most important elective position in the US: the presidency.

Procrastination, I would bet, is the number one enemy we discover in our life. It kills initiative, creativity and enthusiasm.

Procrastination is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of persona because it first assumes a delay, then slips into a coma and oblivion until everything you have planned to do is completely forgotten.

Literally, procrastination kills a person. It is the murderer of our dreams and goals. Procrastination is the anathema of everything a positive-thinking person stands for.

Thus, a re-affirmation of our life’s objectives and goals is necessary to let them dwell in our subconscious mind. Making this an addicting habit repels the fear, the dread and the negatives that push us back.

Therefore, as Whitney Huston sang, “find your strength in faith and in love.”

Many people initially make a 180 degree turn and change.

But change, I hasten to argue, must be transformational.

A person does not change for the sake of change itself.

A person changes for his own welfare and betterment. When one area of your life is out of synch, every area of your life becomes awry and a mess.

Who were the celebrities and icons we know who tragically passed away because they could not handle the avalanche of change in their lives?

Conversely, when every area of your life is attuned, your life improves positively. Every aspect of life becomes A-Okay.

Some people don’t like competition. They make every effort to escape from it to avoid getting scathed.

Life is a cycle of competition and one needs to prove his mettle, not only to survive, but to prevent the competition from overwhelming a person’s desire to succeed.

Had then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte shunned the highly-competitive Philippine-style politics, he probably would not have been elected president.

He did not have the money to finance an expensive nation-wide campaign and did not also have a well-oiled and organized political machinery.

Life’s enemies are always lurking somewhere, near your vicinity, near your neighborhood. Sometimes, if you allow them, they can live with you in your own household.

CG Jung, a noted Swiss psychologist expounded in his essay The Transcendent Function the theory that “tension between consciousness and the unconscious can be governed, and hence, used to resolve itself and thus restore harmony between those two parts of the mind.”

He said: “Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.” (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) Prov. 4:13: “Take hold of instruction; do not let go. Guard her, for she is your life.” GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!