SPECKS OF LIFE: Bikoy video is evil


 Evil rules the world.

Evil is now threatening to destroy our country and our people.

The Bikoy video series is the handiwork of evil.

 Satan’s trademarks are visible. He is the architect and author of confusion. He comes to steal our hope, our faith, our grace, our joy.

The Bikoy video series seeks to destabilize the government and force the duly constituted authorities to be stymied, fail, give up and eventually step down.

 It is aimed at methodically grabbing power by picturing the Duterte family – the President especially – as corrupt, fascist and dictatorial in the same manner that the Marcos family was previously pictured and are continuously vilified.

The Bikoy video series is a well-thought out communications plan designed to sway, convince and incite the Filipinos to hate the Duterte family and the incumbent administration.

Good that the machiavellian anti-Duterte Bikoy campaign was nipped in the bud.

The discovery and arrest of Rodel Jayme, the confessed administrator of the website Metro.Balita on Facebook where the Bikoy videos were released and aired, is cooperating with investigating agencies. Good for him.

If Jayme realizes his predicament and rectifies his mistake by agreeing to spill all and become a state witness, he may yet escape the ax.

The efficient manner by which the DOJ is conducting the probe, the perpetrators and architects of these evil campaigns will soon be hailed to the courts.

Do you now believe that the oust-Duterte plot is real?

The political opposition – the LPs in particular – has parlayed this strategy during the Marcos martial law regime and continuously implements this template after it successfully forced Erap Estrada out of Malacanang.

Unfortunately, this sinister plot and approach have boomeranged against them. They could not secure the support of the military that have remained steadfastly pro-government while the Filipino people are “in love” with Digong.

The new matrix presented to the Malacanang press corps by spokesperson Salvador Panelo detailed the links of the ouster plot that mentioned the participation of the Yellow (LP) and Magdalo groups.

The Bikoy videos are not the product of amateurs, mind you.

They were carefully planned, objectives laid out, amply funded and executed in a James Bond-ish fashion.

The “voluntary” admission of a certain Advincula, who came out in the media using the IBP HQ as his portal, that he is the hooded “Bikoy” in the video was an outlandish display of moronic action.

Exposed a day later as a jailed illegal recruiter and ex-convict, Advincula has unnecessarily jeopardized the ouster plot.

His attempts to establish his credibility were effectively crashed by the IBP’s refusal to take up his cause.

Before that, Sen. Sotto declared that Advincula was the same person who offered him the same malicious schematic info during the previous regime of Noynoy’s involvement in corrupt practices.

What these all reveals support this column’s first sentence that “evil rules the world.”

From all appearances, anti-Duterte groups – regardless of the consequences to the nation and its people of their malicious actions – are not about to hold their punches until they successfully take down Duterte from his presidential perch, including the constitutionally instituted authorities.

The elitist mainstream media, the CBCP, the militant sectors and other minor groups are also ganging up on the incumbent leadership.

But they are few in numbers and their voices and actions do not synch.

The economy is getting better and inflation is down. Credit rating of the Philippine government has been raised to a B plus, meaning one positive rank higher than before.

How can the Filipinos ignore these economic indices and support evil schemes?

Marcus Fabius Quintillan, a Spanish-born lawyer who established a school of rhetoric in Rome (c.95AD) wrote: “Our minds are like our stomachs; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetites.” (Email your feedback at fredlumba@yahoo.com.) Prov.4:13: “Take hold of instruction; do not let go. Guard her, for she is your life.” GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!