SPECKS OF LIFE: Arrogance and impunity

Have you ever suffered embarrassing moments inflicted to you by an arrogant officer of the law or by an over-bearing government (elected or appointed) official?

There have been many accounts of this nature.

In fact, there was recently an expose of a newly elected party list congressman who tangled with a waiter and gave him a piece of his mind.

The poor waiter received a whip on his nape.

This is arrogance, isn’t it?

And people in power who cannot handle this ego-bloating privilege even do it with impunity.

Arrogance is defined by the dictionary as a “feeling of superiority,” “condescending attitude and demeanor,” “haughty,” “insolent,” “egotist,” “showing scorn for inferiors,” “mean,” “self-assumed importance,” “lordly,” etc.

Impunity is “unpunished with no ill consequences, “non-liability,” “free from punishment,” “inconsequential,” etc.

Arrogance and impunity, by their respective definitions, seem to be ideal partners. They have a rhyme as if in a poem like in this.