SPECKS OF LIFE: We Are Our Worst Enemy

Pres. Duterte said as much. And though this should have rung an alarm bell among us, his message contained in the latest SONA fell on deaf ears.

Sarcastically, our countrymen are like the three chimps who cover their eyes, ears and mouth so that they could not be blamed for seeing nothing, hearing nothing and saying nothing.

“Our greatest enemy is “US,” (emphasis mine) thus the Chief Executive declared. But although this hushed the distinguished gallery for a moment, none of them said anything about it in reaction to the President’s diatribe afterwards.

None of us, I guess, really took him seriously enough to ponder its meaning.

Confucius said: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

I am deeply saddened but I guess majority of Filipinos are so preoccupied with personal economic and family concerns that their ignorance is showing.

PRRD was evidently fed up with the continuing polarization of the country brought about by the bull-headed resistance of the people to accept meaningful change.

This stubbornness is fed and fueled by the well-planned, well-funded organized attack from within and without, specifically the political opposition and their foreign cohorts and supporters seeking the downfall of the incumbent administration.

Yes, I would like to ask, just as Confucius stated: How ignorant are we really?

Just as material poverty haunts us no end, intellectual poverty much more stalks us endlessly.

Our legislators have churned out good, effective and well-meaning laws.

All we need to do is obey them.

But why do we continue to stay in the mire?

Because we remain ignorant of our rights, instead of being vigilant.

One of the sovereign rights embedded in the Constitution is for our people to exercise is the “People’s Initiative.”

Explaining “PI” in the layman’s language, “it is a common appellative in the Philippines that refers to either a mode for constitutional amendment provided by the 1987 Constitution or to the act of pushing an initiative allowed by the Philippine Initiative and Referendum Act of 1987 (RA 6735).”

“PI” is also taken to mean as the united movement of the Filipino people to clamor and push for significant and impactful positive changes because it is their sovereign mandate to do so.

Why is this not happening?

Because the people are thwarted by their ignorance.

Many constitutions of advanced Western countries undergo amendments, changes and structural reforms to conform to modern day global developments.

The 1987 Constitution needs vital amendments to correct its defects. In fact, it allows that every five years, the constitution should undergo review and if necessary, vital amendments should be engineered by both Houses of Congress.

Sadly, none of the presidents who came after Cory Aquino succeeded in sponsoring changes to the 1987 document because the people who were supposed to support the reforms, were subdued by ignorance.

FVR attempted but failed.

ERAP likewise.

Gloria nearly succeeded but her PI lost by one measly vote in the Supreme Court, 7-8.

Noynoy just sat on his presidential swivel chair and let the sun set. (A former Chief Justice had the gall to claim that the 1987 Constitution was the best.)

Counting the years of their respective incumbencies from FVR to Noynoy, that’s about 27 years to today, 2019.

In simple logic, if the 1987 Constitution is the best there is, how come our country is suffering in extreme poverty? Has it been able to fully address the global issues confronting our peoples’ existence and the nation as well?

We go back to the SONA. “Our greatest (worst) enemy is us.”

Tell me, is this true or false?

I see that this is now as good a time as any for Filipinos to unite, express and even impose their sovereign mandate. We are in a democracy and we must sustain the way ideal democracies exist.

Again, I quote Confucius: “The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance.” (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com .) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!