UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: Homosexuality in Islam

Understanding Islam by Muhajid Navarra

This is a but a brief narration about homosexuality in Islam and why it is never accepted in Islam in the past, the present or in the future, in all its many different forms. We do not deny that many among the homosexuals are productive and law-abiding members of the society. This is never intended to discriminate against the LGBT community, but as invitation for everyone to understand why Islam does not allow homosexuality. Read it with an open heart and mind.


There is no doubt that Allah has complete knowledge of His creations. He has complete knowledge of it that He knows what sustenance it needs for its survival in this world. Without doubt, the ability of humans and other animals to have offspring has been the key to our survival. We may not live long in our lifetimes but our children have the genetic traits they needed such as intelligence, physical strength, bodily resilience and others that they have inherited from us and from our ancestors.

That is why Allah created us in pairs of male and female of every specie. Allah said in the Quran, “O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul (Adam) and created from it its mate (Eve) and dispersed from both of them many men and women.” Quran 4:1. This creation in pairs have a purpose, and it is a divine one, it is inviolable. No transgender woman will ever totally become a woman to menstruate, become pregnant or produce milk in his breast. And no transgender man will ever grow testicles to produce sperm cells to impregnate a fertile woman.

The simple truth of this could be manifested in how wrong it could be for transgender men to compete against real women in sports. Fallon Fox, who was born a male and became a transgender through surgery in order to compete against women in MMA which resulted in unfair results. MMA experts explain that Fallon Fox fighting against real women is unfair as Fallon Fox is physically a male in his bone and muscle structure that will give him total advantage against real female opponents despite the hormones he take or the surgery he undertook. In 2014, Fallon Fox broke the skull of his opponent Tamikka Brents in the first round which is enough to prove this point.

In Islam, changing the creation of Allah without any medical necessity for it is one of the gravest sins there is. If plucking your eyebrows or having a tattoo are considered sinful – acting like a female if you’re male is bad enough and gender transition through surgery could be considered the worse kind of changing Allah’s creations.


Perhaps the earliest account of homosexuality in the religious texts was that of Prophet Lot, nephew of Prophet Abraham. Both the Quran and the Bible mention Prophet Lot as a prophet of Allah and among the pious. Allah said in the Quran, ‘“And remember Lot, when he said to his people: ‘Do you commit the worst sin such as none preceding you has committed among Allah’s creations? Verily, you lust for men instead of women.’” Quran 7:80-81. Allah mentioned this verse while narrating the story of how the homosexuals desired to have sexual intercourse with the visitors of Lot who were angels in disguise.

We could learn from this verse that this is among the first if not the first time that homosexuality has manifested on the face of the Earth. And this is a strong indication that both Islam and Christianity are against homosexuality and this teaching will remain until the end of time. It is because Allah, whenever he sends a prophet or a punishment against some kind of vice or sin, that vice or sin is among the worst sins. This sin would definitely have the worst punishment and its prohibition would never be abrogated.

Some homosexuals are as adamant before as they are today. Allah continued, “And they replied, “But the answer of his people was only that they said, “Evict them from your city! Indeed, they are men who keep themselves pure.” Quran 7:82. The homosexuals were about to kill Prophet Lot, but Allah said, “So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was of those who remained with the evildoers.” 7:83. And Allah sent his punishment to Sodom and Gomorra, “And We rained upon them a rain of stones. Then see how was the end of the criminals.”


In Islam, there is capital punishment for those who are caught in the act of having same-sex sexual relations. A Muslim may not be punished by death for mere cross-dressing but this could be considered a felony under a Muslim government and is punishable by incarceration instead. This is something that we Muslims are not ashamed of just like how the king of Brunei enacted a law that upholds the teaching of Islam in its purest form, not as a form of barbarism, but to maintain godliness among his citizens.

With this said, homosexuality, is punishable only under a Muslim government and this punishment should not be performed by random individuals in any Muslim country or in a non-Muslim majority country such as the Philippines. As minorities in this country, Muslims are ordered to be just and not to oppress homosexuals. We are even ordered to invite them to Islam with proper preaching just like everybody else. A homosexual who wishes to reform himself is welcome to embrace Islam anytime as it is the sin that should be shunned but not the sinner if he repented and reformed his ways.

Islam’s stance against homosexuality is an act of self-preservation and keeping the natural order of things. Islam is about being at peace with our human nature and being away from anarchy brought about by abnormal desires. Respect for LGBT should not mean disrespect for religion, privacy, freedom of speech, personal views, and others. For indeed, our rights end where the rights of others begin. No to SOGIE bill.

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