SPECKS OF LIFE: Is Panelo a credible spokesperson?

Atty. Salvador Panelo is a legal luminary. This much I know.

But as a spokesman of the President, many doubt his capability.

Even his credibility seems to fall short as every news interview will show.

He talks in spurts, then stops a while like a speeding racecar coming to a sudden stop, then murmurs in somewhat unintelligible language as if the media people he is talking to already got his message.

Compared to his predecessor Harry Roque, Panelo pales in that he cannot talk profoundly and authoritatively enough about matters that the media feel they need to get more information about.

Panelo is not also as engaging as Roque who argues his point with clarity so that members of the Malacanang Press Corps have meaty news articles to submit to their outlets and editors.

Many quarters are now asking if Pres. Duterte is inclined to replace Panelo as Press Secretary in the same vein that there are sectors asking that PCOO Martin Andanar be likewise replaced.

I think there is a great need to change horses.

The old ones are no longer effectively discharging their functions inasmuch as the image of the Chief Executive suffers when they could no longer run the mile in cadence with their principal.

There are many to choose from, if only the Malacanang tenant is indeed in need of two new, fresh mules from the stable.

Donald Trump has let go of John Bolton, his once trusted National Security Adviser, and several others before him. Trump had good words for Bolton when the latter handed in his one paragraph resignation letter but Bolton did not have any for his former boss at the White House. The guy didn’t even say thank you.

In fact, as the heat of the Middle East situation intensifies, Trump is likely to get in several new faces more into his presidential circle, those who are ably familiar with the issues who can give him sound advice.

Shouldn’t Pres. Duterte also do the same inasmuch as domestic socio- political developments dictate that new ideas should come in?

He has replaced a hardworking Manny Pinol at the DA which many entertained could have been the start of a Cabinet revamp but which did not happen.

Newsmen are of the general opinion that the public image of PRRD is suffering because there is a vacuum that is not being fulfilled.

Not all Filipinos understand what the President is doing and where he is bringing the country to. Ask rural dwellers and they wouldn’t know.

Even urban residents are not well versed with what Malacanang is doing.  

The mass appeal and popularity of the President have been the saving grace for the incumbent administration. The grassroots, the Pinoy ‘masa’ adore him for no nonsense attitude and unforgiving stance against corruption, illegal drugs trafficking and red tape. These are his most effective weapons that make him formidable against his critics.

If only the presidential spokesperson and the man in charge of presidential communications can efficiently perform what is called for in their respective task list, PRRD would not have any more need to over-stretch himself.

Yeah, the President deserves to have some R & R.

He could play a round of golf (or just do some putting for relaxation at the Bahay Pangarap), read a good book without getting distracted once in a while, watch a wholesome movie or play chess with Sen. Pacquiao for a change.

I guess you know what I’m trying to point out.

My favorite author Napoleon Hill once wrote: ”The successful leader must be willing to assume responsibility for the mistakes and the short-coming of his followers.”

Has PRRD exhibited this?

Changing horses, even at midstream, is now advisable, isn’t it? (Send you feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!