Are Pinoys ready for a revolutionary government?

I am inclined to believe so.

The dire situation the country is in now may help precipitate its coming.

We have a huge crisis in our hands but the political opposition seems happily nitpicking on every imaginable shortcoming of the administration.

Pardon me but realize that our country cannot emerge out of the mire if its leaders stand divided on vital issues confronting the national welfare.

Already besieged and beleaguered by the lethal CoVid 19 that has alarmingly claimed the lives of 150 Filipinos (more or less) including a good number of medical practitioners and thousands more infected, our people are finding it difficult to believe that unity and cooperation among government officials and the opposition are hard to achieve.

The future of this nation – its political, social and economic stability – has been long anchored on the much cherished democratic ideals shared by freedom-loving countries around the world.

However, the global scenario appears to be bleak and this development contaminates this country. If the Duterte administration allows itself to be continuously ridiculed by the faultfinding opposition, the time may come when the iron fist may have to be exercised to bring back sanity and order in the scheme of things.

In the brouhaha of the 1986 EDSA revolt, Cory Aquino declared a revolutionary government, thus effectively dissolving a Marcos-dominated Congress and re-structuring the entire government organization, including the judiciary, to allow the incoming government to institute much-needed reforms.

Pres. Duterte may opt to do a copycat act. If the favorable surveys are to be the bases, majority of Filipinos, including those working overseas, would support a revolutionary government.

To be frank, both houses of Congress are a big financial burden to our countrymen. Hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money is appropriated for the salaries, allowances, perks and privileges of more than 300 district congressmen and party-list members plus 24 senators. These include brand new cars and SUVs, housing, travel to other countries when attending official functions, etc.

If Congress is abolished and a unicameral parliament supersedes it, the legislation of vital laws and statutes becomes faster and more efficient and only a small chunk of taxpayers’ money is invested.

I think our present Congress lavished on itself and its members too much power and too many entitlements. Instead of them serving the public, it is the public that serves them.   

A revolutionary government will give the Filipino people back its sovereign mandate. With the people’s support, it will succeed in crafting a new constitution, curb graft and corruption in government, bring back law and order, decentralize and devolve government functions down to the LGUs, effectively prune the bureaucracy and institute much-needed remedial measures that will seeped down to the grassroots.

Considering that Congress has been performing a lousy job for a long time, Filipinos are now beginning to realize that a revolutionary government with a unicameral parliament is much appropriate for a small country like the Philippines. (A term-sharing for the position of Speaker is now a very hot issue in the Lower Chamber. Some naughty observers are of the opinion that current Speaker Allan Peter Cayetano is just too wily and too smart to cede the gavel to his rival.)

The Congress, mind you, is a boy’s club. The members scratch each other’s back.  If you want your pet bill to get enacted, scratch the backs of your fellow congressman or senator.

Anyway, imagine instead if the hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ money meant for the budgets of both houses of Congress go to build school buildings, hospitals, roads and bridges in the regions, would these not develop the countryside faster?

You know, successful governance does not need an intelligent leader with high academic degrees. Practical wisdom and an indomitable spirit will do it. Abraham Lincoln said it. “Common looking people are the best in the world; that is the reason the Lord makes so many of them.” ### (Email your feedback to GOD BLESS THE PHILIPINES!