FRED LUMBA: A second wave is not far-fetched

Experts in science and medicine are agreed that a second wave of the CoVid 19 is not remote.

Judging from the devil-may-care attitude of many people – especially in some parts of the US – the infections, though subsiding, may rebound harsher than the first time.

Locally, there are still many ‘pasaway’ who gamble their luck just too far for comfort.

There were photos taken of citizens queueing up for “alms” being given by a couple of mayors where the recipients were caught violating the social distancing rules.

There was also this “comic” shot of a man drinking beer straight up from the bottle right from the sari-sari store where he purchased while he was being intently watched from a couple of meters away by a cop who was observing social distancing.

I heard a Rizal town mayor interviewed live over the radio who sounded ecstatic because of the media mileage he was getting as he was giving away P2,000 to each beneficiary who came to the municipal hall.

These constituents were praising the mayor for his generosity but they did not know that infections could have been transmitted the way they squeezed themselves lining up for almost eight hours.

These incidents – we hope – did not escape the eyes and ears of the DILG authorities who have been giving warnings left and right for people to shape up r be penalized.

However, until this writing not one LGU (barangay captain or mayor) has been summoned and found negligent and punished.

If the national government hopes to lift the lockdown by the end of April, it must implement strict observance of the law regardless of his stature.

There were hundreds already caught by the PNP in various areas violating the curfew, drinking alcohol and gambling who were merely given slaps on the wrists and sent home.

I wonder if those caught should have been punished by being committed to an 8-hour community service to be seen by many as a good lesson.

A good friend from Bohol former Vice-Governor Julius Herrera has suggested that 4Ps recipient-beneficiaries may perhaps work as street cleaners and sweepers in their localities as a way to earn self-respect and also to serve the community.

I think the DSWD, both Houses of Congress, might want to take this up seriously to cultivate a law-abiding attitude in people who would rather receive and receive and receive and nothing to give back.

Anyway, as I have enumerated, the threats of a second wave might prompt the Duterte administration and the IATF to study the possibility of extending anew the ECQ, if it warrants.

May be another two weeks. Although I am praying that soonest, the DOH and the FDA would announce positive news about a vaccine for testing.

The business community, the academe, the service and labor sectors, transport and many other low income groups are already reeling in pain and agonizing in their struggle.

But, of course, the priority is the health of the public and the citizens, a primordial concern of government and its leaders.

Discipline is the most underlying requirement. In India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and some Middle East countries, the implementation of the lockdown is far stricter than we do here in the Philippines.

  Violators are whipped hard by the police and enforcers as perhaps you have watched on YouTube and other videos.

In Israel, anybody caught without wearing a face mask is slapped with a hefty fine.

News reports in Iran and Syria say those infected with CoVid 19 and without prospects of recovery are shot and buried immediately. 

I saw and heard a video news report that 90% of Syrian soldiers are already down so that a temporary truce has been agreed upon between them and Israel.

Oh, what a world we are living in. Let our steadfast faith in god through Christ Jesus remain in our hearts. GODSPEED EVERYBODY! (Email your feedback at GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!