On second thought…

Sometimes, people wake up on either side of the bed.

Sometimes, they feel stressed and tense; sometimes, they feel relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes confused and irrational; sometimes, joyful and full of confidence.

In these very struggling and difficult times when the messages and information we receive are being circulated in a way that circumvents logical reasoning and critical thinking, it is wise to ponder and give them a second thought.

Hmm, government authorities nowadays are somewhat blindly obeying orders and instructions from the UN World Health Organization regarding ways to confront the CoVid 19 virus, a pathogen that is widely believed to have originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

Why? Because if anybody questions the restrictive standard protocols being implemented domestically, they will always refer you to the WHO which has been flip-flopping on its pronouncements that the virus is deathly transmissible airborne, that social distancing of two meters apart will prevent the saliva carrying the virus from jumping over to the other person next to the virus carrier.

But it is December already, more than eight months since the first lockdown on March 15, 2020. A continuing shut-down policy like this will kill our economy as it already deprived millions of their jobs, income and wages.

Filipinos must meet this dilemma with courage and positive confidence.

Instead of cowering in fear – like Manny Pacquiao who delivered killing blows against his trash-talking opponents (Antonio Margarito, Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman, Brandon Rios et al and sent them home with heads bowed in humiliating defeat) – Filipinos, exemplified by the national leadership, should squarely face up to the reality.

CoVid 19, like all flu viruses, will remain but it will not kill and decimate all 100 million Pinoys. It is not that lethal and contagious.

Why am I saying this?

Your deadline beater is almost 73 summers. When the WHO ordered wearing masks, I didn’t wear any. I research and discovered that the WHO guys were unsure whether the contagion could be transmitted airborne during the initial outbreak period.

I was having trouble breathing while taking my daily 2km. walking exercise. And yet, I did not catch the virus as the WHO would have us believe.  It had proclaimed that senior citizens are more prone to get contaminated than their younger counterparts.

Hey, look at me. I am much healthier than many of them out there.

I’ve never been hospitalized for any illness since I was born.

I maintain a 135-lb weight in my 5’5” frame.

I quit smoking in 1986, got rid of my drinking vice and nourished myself with veggies, fruits and fish diet.

But I can still enjoy lechon and beef steak without any fear of heart attack and high blood pressure.

I just wish to encourage everyone that fighting back the virus does not mean we agree to stay locked inside our homes.

 We will all die if no one is courageous enough to go out and fight back this pandemic hoax.

 Influenza, small and chickenpox, TB, dengue, HIV and heart disease were far obnoxious threats than the former but hey, we are still around. We were not mandated to wear masks during the cholera outbreak that was far deadlier than Covid 19 in the 1950s nor during the TB epidemic.

Hey, let us not solely rely on WHO instructions and completely set aside diligent research for the correct and accurate information.

Some sinister minds and elitist groups are twisting the facts to suit their globalist goals and effectively place all governments under one-man, satanic rule.

Simply put, observe strict hygiene protocols.

But never be afraid to go out there and do the normal things you’ve been doing for the sake of your family.

The IATF ideally should now ease the very restrictive rules and regulations it had imposed on the citizenry.

Overkill na po yan.

It is only stressing the fact that the DOH is a failure. And this inept management of CoVid 19 badly reflects on the Duterte administration.

Me, I have obeyed the IATF rules to the letter. I have imprisoned myself in my small room for the duration of the ECQ and GCQ periods. Luckily, I busied myself following on-line chess tournaments, watched free online movies of yesteryears (50s and 60s), read the Bible and spread God’s Word on FB.

Yeah, you should entertain second thoughts too as I do.

Carefully digest information and messages being issued by health authorities. Do on-line research, read medical journals and bulletins written by prestigious and credible sources.

Do not bite information from foreign media networks hook, line and sinker. They could be poisonous. (Email your feedback to fredlumba@yahoo.com.) GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES!


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