MINDAVIEWS: Justice for my father, Justice for the 58th massacre victim

How do we kill the broken? Shoot down their fighting spirit. Leave nothing but regret of not  being able to do something. Leave the thing as it is. Let it pass before your eyes.
Every year, I am asked on how am I, how am I doing, how am I moving on after (thirteen) 13 years of seeking justice for my father, Reynaldo “Bebot” Momay. I would always answer, “Yes, I am still alive and breathing.” That,I am fine, able and better each day.
I am indeed broken but capable. I am trying to survive for the sole reason that as a broken person, I don’t want my fight for justice to be killed further. I do not want to forget and be left without any purpose.
For the sake of my father’s name, my children, and future grandchildren. I won’t let them. In fact, the case is already on appeal to a higher court last January 2020.
The marker bearing the names of the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre at the site of the carnage in Sitio Masalay, Brgy. Salman in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao del Sur. The list includes the name of Reynaldo Momay. Photo taken Sunday (Nov. 20, 2022) by GREGORIO BUENO/MindaNews
It will be 2023 next year, and another year that this case will even drag if nothing can be done. Time seems freezing and justice seems so far away. However, despite all hammerings, I am blessed and thankful for my lawyers from Centerlaw Philippines most especially to Atty Gilbert Andres and the rest of the team who shared my vigor in never giving up in this case.
To my family, friends and colleagues, please continue to pray for me that at the soonest time possible I can receive a Decision on my appeal. There is still hope and remedy being God the center of all these things, especially on my quest for justice.
Justice for my father, Justice for the 58th Maguindanao Massacre Victim, Reynaldo Bebot Momay.
(Ma. Reynafe Momay-Castillo is the daughter of Reynaldo Momay, photographer of Midland Courier in Tacurong City who was among 58 killed on November 23, 2009 in Ampatuan, Maguindanao. The regional trial court in 2019 convicted the perpetrators for 57 counts of murder. Momay was not included as the 58 because there is “no evidence of his actual death.” His  remains were not found. Reynafe, a registered nurse now based in the United States, continues to fight for justice for her father and the other victims of the massacre). 

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