Davao del Norte marks ‘Kadagayaan’ Festival

By Vannah S. Ang
The province of Davao del Norte is famous for its culture, tourism and abundance in agriculture which attract tourists and business players who are no engaged into agriculture, mining, forestry, commercial fishing and other industries.
To showcase the ingenuity, competence and expertise of Dabaonons who utilize their agricultural blessings into marketable products, Davao del Norte yesterday celebrated the Kadagayaan Festival during the 47th Araw ng Davao del Norte with the theme “Rootedness, Relevance, and Resiliency: A Harvest of Dabaonon’s Pride and Imagination.”
Kadagayaan, derived from the common parlance “dagaya”, means abundant or bountiful.
In the early 2000s, it was a term used to coin the agri-trade fair that is regularly conducted by the province of Davao del Norte in celebration of its founding anniversary. The festival is steadily gaining ground as it is now referred as the cultural event showcasing the Dabaonon’s culture and tradition.
Hundreds of Dabaonons united in thanksgiving for bountiful harvests.
Davao del Norte Gov. Rodolfo del Rosario declared the formal opening of the Kadagayaan Festival and the Tourism Fair and Agri Aqua Industrial Expo at the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex.
“The entire week-long celebration is showcased to enrich our learning of our province today; on our rootedness, relevance, and resiliency. This is the only time to see all eight municipalities and three component cities altogether put on the best show of their pride and imagination to draw out a memorable anniversary celebration and Kadagayaan Festival. I enjoin all Dabaonons to join us in the celebration of this great harvest,” Del Rosario said.
All activities in the festival focused on three aspects of the theme with the aim to establish the identity of the real Dabaonon, while demonstrating the industry competitiveness of the province in the global domain and at the same time displaying vitality and adaptability in meeting challenges of climate change.
The Agri Aqua Industrial Expo was comprised of booths showcasing popular commodities from different municipalities of Davao del Norte like rice, corn, mango, rubber, vegetables, cacao, durian, banana, fishery, livestock, oil palm and coffee.
A budget of P4 million was used for invitation, restoration of venues, food and preparation for the festival.
P/SSupt. Samuel Gadingan, Philippine National Police provincial director deployed 300 personnel to ensure the peace, order and safety of the people.


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