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Vantage Points

Vantage Points

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EDITORIAL: Now for some big fish

Still looking for a big catch? The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency netted a big catch in Davao City on Tuesday--a doctor and a government official. The...
Fast Backward by Antonio V. Figueroa

THINK OF THESE: Pioneering transport icons

American occupation contributed one item to Davao’s growth that’s irrefutable: the automobile. Ahead of its arrival in the region were the military trucks the...
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SPECKS OF LIFE: Of political will and complacency

I don’t know about you but if you carefully assess the culture that has evolved in our neo-sociological order since the martial law years,...
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EDITORIAL: Ricardo Cardinal Vidal (1931-2017)

The country's Catholic congregation has lost a man known for being a champion of peace. Ricardo Cardinal Vidal died on Wednesday at the age of 86. The...
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URBAN STREETGAZER: Of streets and sidewalks (Part 2)

I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do… On the side of the legislative building is the Rizal Park with an area that...
THINK ON THESE by Henrylito D. Tacio

THINK OF THESE: On his majesty’s service

Recently, Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol of the Department of Agriculture was buying some durian fruits in a stall located in a highway. When the...
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EDITORIAL: Oh, this drug war

The latest on the controversial drug war in the Philippines had 88 percent of Filipinos signifying their support. Now, that’s huge. That’s what the latest...
Fast Backward by Antonio V. Figueroa

FAST BACKWARD: ‘City of lawyers’

It’s a little known fact that Davao region, after the war, could have earned the credit as the most populated urban center in terms...
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URBAN STREETGAZER: Of streets and sidewalks (Part 1)

The actors in urban drama… Davao City is now on the verge of joining the league of emerging global cities. It is undergoing the natural...
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EDITORIAL: Opening minds

Changes are met with varied reactions. That’s normal. But changes should also be met with open minds. Minds that are willing to listen and...


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