EDITORIAL: Davao coffee tourism

They say a cup of coffee makes the world spin.

Coffee lovers couldn’t agree much. The world’s top executives whether government or private, businessmen and decision makers, discuss matters over a cup of coffee. You can just imagine how many deals were signed over a cup of coffee.

It’s the caffeine that kickstarts ideas.

Hence, coffee makes the world go round.

It makes sense that good coffee comes from good soil and good farming practices. Coffee connoisseurs know their coffee be it Robusta or Arabica. Imagine the best coffees in the world from Columbia, Italy, Kenya, Brazil, and Peru, among others. How these countries cash in on their coffee products to pump their economy is worth a close look.

Davao Region is not far behind when it comes to coffee. Davao’s coffee varieties can compete, to say the least. That is why it goes without saying the move by the Department of Tourism in the region under the leadership of regional director Tanya Rabat-Tan to promote Davao coffee brands to help local coffee farmers in Davao Region is a step in the right direction towards what we call coffee tourism.

Aside from promoting the region’s tourist destinations, the regional office of the Department of Tourism (DOT 11) said it is also committed to promote Davao coffee and encourage tourists to come and sample Davao’s best brews.

Philippine Coffee Advancement and Farm Enterprise (PhilCAFE) represented by chief of party Terrence J. Ryan and DOT 11 represented by Rabat-Tan on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to seal the partnership.

The partnership could go a long way, much like the caffeine kick in your coffee, to boost Davao’s coffee products and highlight it as one of the region’s primary attractions.

The campaign “from seed to cup” could kickstart something big for the region and all it needs is a sip of a local brew.

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