EDITORIAL: Wire to wire excellence

Former President Rodrigo Duterte ended his social weather poll performance the way he started it: Excellent.

In a survey for his final week in Malacanang, the first Mindanawon President scored an “excellent” rating on the Social Weather Stations (SWS) based on the result of its June 26 to 29 survey. This only proved the consistency f his public approval rating and perhaps will go down the history as unprecedented for a Chief Executive.

Most of the country’s former Presidents dipped on their ratings on their way out. PRRD is taking a different trail.

According to SWS, 88 percent of adult Filipinos were satisfied, 5 percent were undecided, and 7 percent dissatisfied with Duterte’s six-year term. This translated to a net satisfaction rating of +81 (percentage of satisfied minus percentage of dissatisfied).

In fact, the former President improved on his ratings compared to the previous two surveys. The last result is 16 points above the very good +65 in April 2022 and a new record-high that surpassed the previous record of +79 in November 2020.

Based on the SWS survey which was done using face-to-face interviews of 1,500 respondents nationwide, Duterte was excellent in urban and rural areas nationwide, all age groups, all educational groups, and among men and women. His rating rose from very good to excellent in Metro Manila by 22 points from +63 to a new record-high +85, surpassing the previous record of +76 in November 2020; and in Balance Luzon (+75, up by 15 points), Visayas (+83, up by 28 points), and Mindanao (+90, up by 7 points).

Meantime, Duterte’s urban net satisfaction also leaped from very good (+64) in April 2022 to excellent (+84) in June, while his rural net satisfaction improved from very good (+65) to excellent (+77). The net satisfaction rating yielded +83 among adults in Filipino families who have not experienced hunger; +70 among those who experienced hunger in general; +74 among those who experienced moderate hunger; and +56 among those who experienced severe hunger.

That’s fairly impressive for a President. To be fair with the former President, the survey should lay to rest the critics writing him off as a bad leader. Something not only Dabawenyos can be very proud of but the entire nation as well.

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