For the love of Ligo Sardines

In the Philippine countryside, there is no dish that is more iconic and more heartwarming than a bowl of piping hot sardines cooked with “odong” egg noodles. I remember when I was much younger and was served the dish while visiting the barrio of my nanny together with my parents. It was a form of luxury for the family of my nanny as the tomato sauce of the canned sardines formed the base of the soupy pasta dish.

Fast forward to today and the flavors are still etched onto my memory, today time however, I usually pair my sardines with cheese and piping hot bread or with a twist of lemon on a heaping bowl of rice.

In a recent event, Dabawenyos got to experience special preparations of Ligo sardines as A. Tung Chingco Corporation (ATC) presented “Kaon Ta’g Ligo, Davao” at Rekado. Guests had their fill of Ligo Sardine-infused dishes as envisoned by Rekado’s executive chef, Pauline Benedicto.

First was the Sardines Skillet with Mozzarella Cheese, the addition of gooey mozzarella and eggs added some richness to the bright tomato flavors of the dish. Another dish was a hearty serving of Fillet of Pompano with a sauce made of Ligo sardines.  The highlight of the afternoon however was the reinvented Sardines and Odong with Lemon and Dill. The inclusion of kaffir lime leaves balance the meaty flavors of the sardines and egg noodles elevating the dish and adding a bright note to every bite.

ATC’s new generation of leaders, siblings Mikko Tung, Vice President of Production; Mark Tung, Vice President of Sales; and Macky Tung, Advertising Manager, who were present during the event shared their appreciation for Ligo’s stronger performance in the region.

“We are excited that more Mindanaoans are discovering the delicious taste of our Ligo Sardines and other products. Because of their warm reception to the recent #LigoLami campaign, our brand was able to expand its presence and market share, following decades of memorable dining moments with Filipinos nationwide,” said Mikko Tung.

Also at the event was brand ambassador Tom Rodriguez who was more than happy to share his love for Ligo. Earlier this year, the “Maka-higugma Nga Lami” Ligo commercial featuring Tom took over the Mindanao online sphere. “We wanted an actor who was a native Bisaya speaker and Tom fit the bill” said Mark Tung “And we believe that is why people can relate to our campaign.”

Since its launch, the video has generated more than 750,000 of combined views, reactions, and comments on social media. Individuals, students, bands, and choir groups alike shared their love for Ligo and the online video. Their own playful TVC parodies and musical covers further pushed the campaign’s success in the region.

Ligo has been in the Philippines since 1954 and is committed to nourishing the lives of Filipinos by offering quality and affordable food products. “It’s a great time to boost our performance in Mindanao. Rest assured that we will continue to reveal new and exciting plans for our customers in the south,” added Tung.

For more details on Ligo products and easy to do recipes, you can visit or check out their latest posts at and @ligosardinesph on Instagram.

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