ALPI celebrates Chinese New Year at Aeon Towers

It’s time for another grand celebration of the Chinese New Year at the Aeon Towers.

Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated (ALPI) celebrated the Chinese New Year with a Grand Open House at the 2nd-floor showroom of Aeon Towers in J.P Laurel, Bajada, Davao City last February 9-10, 2024.

The highlight of the celebration was a mesmerizing traditional dragon dance that weaved its way through the Aeon Club, captivating everyone in its path before making its way down to the Showroom. The dragon dance, a symbol of good luck and prosperity, set the tone for a joyous and prosperous new year.

In keeping with the rich traditions of Chinese New Year, ALPI invited a skilled tarot card reader to provide insights into the past, present, or future of the enthusiastic guests. Attendees eagerly embraced the opportunity to gain a glimpse into what the cards had in store for them.

Adding a touch of sweetness to the celebration, Tikoys, traditional Chinese rice cakes with a sticky consistency, were generously served to all attendees. Symbolizing strong bonds within families and between acquaintances, the Tikoys added a meaningful element to the festivities.

As part of the celebration, the Open House at the Showroom took center stage, featuring exclusive discounts and enticing gift certificates for potential buyers. This special event provided attendees with the opportunity to explore the exquisite offerings of Aeon Towers and Aeon Bleu and avail themselves of remarkable deals on luxury properties.

ALPI is committed to creating memorable experiences for its clients and fostering a sense of community. The Chinese New Year celebration at Aeon Towers exemplified the company’s dedication to blending tradition with modern luxury.

For more information about Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated and upcoming events, please visit or contact (082) 321 3852/287 4291 local 105.

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