Waterfront Insular Hotel celebrates the 34th Kadayawan Festival with a tribal fusion of local cuisine and an appreciation of the local arts. On August 8, 2019, the Hotel officially launched its Visual and Wearable Art Exhibition curated by visual artist Elenita Dumlao, accessory designer Kathryn Fanlo and florist Jade Polizon.

“Kadayawan, above anything else, is an expression of our locality”, said Hotel Manager Bryan Yves Lasala who further detailed that the exhibition was about the lives of our people – their outpouring of joy, the narratives they believe in and the value they put in their work. Each of the installation’s featured artists had their own stories to tell about their art forms.

Elenita Dumlao is a home-grown, self-taught artist with a multitude of awards to her name. She was the only Asian who qualified for the 10th International Women’s Exhibit in Serbia, 2013 winning 1st Place for New Media Art Category. She has earned the City Mayor and Vice Mayor Awards for exemplary contributions to the Arts and has successfully held nine solo exhibitions in the city.

The abundance of color, beauty and joy in the festival season are the same elements that depict the imageries and composition of most of her art work. Neither fully abstract nor purely figurative, she balances these two qualities of expression in her techniques to come up with paintings that “uplift and inspire” the soul.

Kathryn Fanlo is an aspiring accessory designer-entrepreneur whose passion for her craft has led her to direct her own art narrative. Using polymer clay to create wearable art pieces and working with indigenous communities, she has proven that art is both wearable and sustainable.

Her brand currently partners with the Mandaya tribe of the Davao del Norte Highlands to produce fabrics to match her creations. The community program not only provides for their livelihood but motivates the young local weavers to enliven what could have been “a dying art”.

Jade Polizon is a curator-business proprietor who has built a name for himself and for the Cameo brand, being among Davao’s best florists and event designers. He has worked in countries in the Arab and Europe but has always found himself coming back home.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he envisions to up the ante in floristry in Davao and Mindanao as this part of the industry is clearly underrated. For his Kadayawan installation titled “Tahamaling Ug Mahomanay”, he presents homage to the ‘Diwata’ of Philippine Flowers.

The ceremonial launch was led by the following guests of honor: Hon. Pilar Braga, 1st District City Councilor; Hon. Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz, City Councilor for SP Tourism; Dr. Luz Acosta-Barrientos, Davao Medical Society President; and Ms. Karen Joy Dowing of the Bagobo Klata tribe, Hiyas sa Kalambuan 2018 who represented Ms. Generose Tecson of the City Tourism. They were joined by the artists; Waterfront’s Bryan Lasala and Jennifer Romero. Other guests in attendance were Former Vice Mayor Bernie Al-ag and family and members of the Rotary Club of Downtown Davao.

After the viewing, guests were hosted to a dinner prepared by Chef Niño Ante and his team. The buffet previewed a Kadayawan Corner inspired by Davao’s eleven tribes. Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao shares the exhibition with a bountiful tribute to the King of Festivals at Café Uno beginning August 9 until August 31, 2019.