Social Media, Gen Z fuel cocktails’ rising popularity

Exploring interesting flavors and valuing individuality has played a role in cocktails’ rising demand in the Philippines.

Tanduay Head for Research and Development Janno Gironella said that today’s consumers have become more open to trying new drinks because of the influence of social media. At the same time, they want their drinking experience to be more personalized.

“These have made a great impact on why Filipinos are now embracing cocktails,” Gironella pointed out.

Introducing Philippine Rum to Other Markets

The renewed interest in cocktails has been beneficial for Tanduay whose award-winning rums are staples in cocktail bars. This has also been a way for the brand to introduce itself to the international market.

“Serving Tanduay-infused cocktails is a way of acquainting people with the brand,” Gironella said.

Tanduay’s premium rum products like the award-winning Tanduay Rum Gold, Tanduay Double Gold, Tanduay Rum Silver, and Boracay Rum product line are now available in North America, Europe, and Asia.

In 2022, the brand’s international business grew by 16 percent. Its U.S. business also increased by 16 percent and its Asia-Pacific/Middle East markets by 293 percent.

To give international consumers ideas on how they can incorporate these products to their cocktails, Tanduay came out with a Cocktail Culture book. Working with professional mixologists, they came up with recipes that one can make at home.

Tanduay has also opened bars in the home arenas of its partner-teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Tanduay bars that serve cocktails infused with the brands different rums are now open at the Fiserv Forum, the home of the Milwaukee Bucks; Target Center of the Minnesota Timberwolves; and Footprint Center of the Phoenix Suns.

With the growth of the cocktail segment, Gironella shared that they are also developing their cordials.

“We are looking at growing our Jamaica Lime brand and introduce new flavors to address consumers’ preference for customization,” he said.

RTD Cocktails on the Rise

Ready-to-drink (RTD) products are likewise experiencing a surge in sales as a result of cocktails’ popularity.

“There are consumers who are looking for easy and convenient ways to enjoy cocktails. Prior to the pandemic, we already saw the potential of the RTD segment, so we invested in research and development to create RTD cocktails. We wanted them to be delicious, affordable, and convenient,” Gironella said.

The brand’s RTD products include the Tanduay Cocktails and the Barman Cocktail Concentrate.

The former comes in three-liter bags and boxes and are perfect for big parties. They are also for consumers who don’t have the time to buy ingredients for their cocktails. The Tanduay Cocktails are available in Strawberry Daiquiri, Piña Colada, and Green Margarita flavors.

The latter, meanwhile, comes in a concentrated format. Its flavors include Black Russian, Dark and Stormy, and Amaretto Sour.

“All they need to do is add water and adjust it according to their alcohol strength, sweetness, and intensity preferences. There are consumers who want their cocktails to be low in alcohol content,” Gironella said.

The demand for both its RTD and non-RTD rum products also brought about the expansion of Tanduay’s distribution channels, he further shared.

What’s Next for the Rum Market?

Gironella noted that coming out of the pandemic, consumers are also looking for new experiences.

“So, we might see more pop-up bars and tasting events, where people can socialize,” he said.

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