Korean spring comes to Davao

Springtime is here!

After having an unforgettable first time experience in the “Land of the Morning Calm” I realized one thing—preserving culture is as important as developing a country’s innovative and modern way of life. Same things apply in South Korea.

The fusion of tradition and modernity in Seoul is just perfect from the amazing Gyeongbokjung Palace, preserved old houses at Bukchon Hanok Village up to the skyscrapers like Seoul Sky Tower. This is what travellers from all over the world are psyched about when they plan to visit Korea.

As part of their vision to promote their beautiful country’s tourist destinations, The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines together with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has brought “Spring in Joseon” to the southern part of the Philippines–Davao City.

Take a glimpse and dive into a memorable experience in this year’s 2-day Korea Festival at the SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court on April 29-30 2023.

With a wide range of different Korean food and drinks combined with traditional activities, this festival will take you back to the old Korea – as if you are in an episode of Sageuk (Korean historical drama)!

Spring in Joseon marks the new beginning of present-day Korea as it was when Hangeul, the unique Korean characters, was made. From here on, everyone was able to express themselves freely and the Korean literature written in Hangeul also started, giving birth to the world widely loved K-drama and K-pop.

Be amazed and get ready for an eventful weekend that will take you on a memorable journey as you experience the rich culture of Korea! There are tons of activity booths that are free for everyone to enjoy. From traditional Korean spring activities, like Beongseonhwa (kind of flower) Nail Dye, down to playing traditional Korean games, Neolttwigi (Korean seesaw), for sure, everyone has something to look forward to!

Aside from sharing Korea’s tradition and history to Dabawenyos, there will be aesthetic photo spots that just look like you are in Korea. Feed your mind and your tummy will wow you just like the traditional Korean spring food Hwajeon (flower pancake) and pair it with some drinks you and your friends may enjoy.

But, that’s not all! What’s a festival without some music, right? Get ready to be entertained by the Korean traditional performance team as they showcase their talents in playing and singing traditional Korean songs called Pungmulnori (percussion ensemble) and Pansori (solo musical storytelling). There will also be a special performance by P-Pop star and breakthrough artist, Mona Gonzales.

Of course, we can’t miss out on our talented Davaoeños as they showcase their skills to this year’s “Everyone’s KPOP: Davao” on the 29th wherein the grand winner will get the chance to perform again on stage on the 30th, capping off the entire festival. This contest also marks the first-ever K-Pop contest in the region hosted by KCC.

This celebration is the perfect opportunity for you and your loved ones to not only learn about the roots of Korean culture but is also the venue to bond, learn and create unforgettable memories together.


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