The Builders’ reunion after 38 years

Notre Dame University-BS Civil Engineering Batch ‘85.

Making memories, breaking the distance.

This is the theme of the Notre Dame University-BS Civil Engineering Batch ‘85’s reunion held at Mato’s Place, Rangayen, Alamada, Cotabato on May 27-28, 2023.

With the aid of modern technology, the gathering was made possible by a series of consultations and planning thru messenger and was able to bring together 34 members.

Engr. Boyet Saavedra, the batch president.
Four professors attended the reunion. They are Sirs Marlowe Relano, Leopoldo Ochia, Oscar Mama and Myrna Dayrit-Mama, who even participated in the parlor games.

In the night of May 27, batchmates had a karaoke night and a never-ending chickahan until the wee hours of the morning. Engr. Abubacar “Bax” Datumanong, provided the sounds.

Through the generosity of Engr. Taukan Mato, the venue, food and the souvenir shirts, were provided. Engr. Muhammad Guiapal likewise sponsored the welcome lunch and Engr. Jannet Piang gave away coffee mugs.

Sir Marlowe Relano, the founder of reunions.

Members of Batch ’85 may not have ended as “builders” literally but some were builders of character, health, financial stability, information and all other functions that contribute to the development of the communities where they are working.

Since most of the members of this batch are already seniors and senior citizens to be, are looking forward to the 40th year, come 2025.


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