15 Coffee Destinations

Whether it is your first or your subsequent trip to Davao City, there is nothing like sampling the diverse flavors and experiencing the different vibes.

Just within Davao City are a plethora of coffee shops that serve top-notch hand-brewed coffee.

For the best experience, Edge Davao, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary, listed down 15 go to coffee shops that you should try during your stay here and where to find them in the city.

Here’s the list:

1.Purge Coffee Roaster. A micro-roaster shop that specializes in custom blending and single-origin offering. The best thing about Purge Coffee Roaster is the service. It has a homey and charming interior of earthly hues. It is well-liked for its iced black coffee. Must try is their Ethiopian coffee, which is a pour over with citrus and savory flavors as best sellers. If you’re hungry, try the apple cinnamon waffles. It also offers pastas and coffee and other drinks.

2. Kitto Davao. This coffee shop is serving Japanese comfort food, craft cocktails, and coffee. It offers a warm environment where you may relax and unwind while savoring delicious meals and beverages. Must try are Okonomiyaki waffle, Tokyo omelette, and golden waffle. For sandwiches there’s tamago (Japanese egg salad), katsu (crispy prok katsu, cabbage slaw, tonkatsu sauce), chicken Karaage. for the salads you may want to sample chilled soba salad (soba noodles, roasted chicken thigh, romaine lettuce, corn, Yuzu-sesame dressing), and soboro nacho salad (miso-beef, lettuce, salsa and cheddar cheese, tortilla chips). It is situated along Circumferential Road.

3. Glass House Coffee. It is a small cafe in the garden of a 1920s ancestral home of the Oboza Heritage House in Rizal St. Davao City. It is a café of poles and glass wherein from its roof to the bottom grew large and growing plants that kept everything out of sight. It is a lovely specialized coffee shop that serves sandwiches, pastries, espresso-based drinks, and hand-brewed coffee.

4. Fourth Street Café. A must visit due to its ambiance, good food, and good service. It’s one of the most relaxing coffee shops in Davao City. You will go there for its wide array of both espresso-based and non-coffee-based drinks. There’s iced white mocha and cortado and matcha drinks for matcha lovers. At Fourth Street Café, it not only pours coffee but happiness as well. It is situated in Narra St., Davao City.

5. Hid’n. A trailer coffee shop concept making and serving good coffee. It is an outdoor gated setting coffee shop under the trees, which is one of the best-kept secrets for coffee lovers. You can sip your coffee in a warm, inviting environment in a very good location. Whether you want your coffee black or with milk, hot or cold, they’ve got you covered. Their Spanish latte is a must try too. It is serving coffee drinks in various sizes from large espressos to a more personal espresso cup to suit almost any personal desire. They also served baked goodies. It is located inside a property at Palm Village, N. Torres Street, Barrio Obrero at the back of Abreeza Mall.

6. Olo Coffee and Concepts. Dubbed a neighborhood small cafe situated in Ecoland, Davao City. Coffee lovers go there for their pour over and regular espresso drinks like cappuccino, americano, and many more. Some also enjoyed their Matcha soda. They also offer pastries and non-coffee drinks. This hole-in-the-wall coffee shop is located at 6th Street Ecoland Subdivision.

7. Kanto Coffee. It offers “feel alive” cold brew of white caramel and mocha vanilla. For non-coffee, there’s the tableya and matcha that you can order hot or cold. Its signature drinks are espresso tonic, tropical mix, and barista’s choice. They also have new drink offerings, hot or cold, such as the ube latte, tropical latte, coconut latte, hazelnut latte, matcha espresso, and strawberry latte. It is located at Road 1 #3 Doña Vicenta Village in Bajada.

8. Kapeweñoz Specialty Coffee Davao. Another hole-in-the-wall friendly neighborhood coffeeshop. It is one of the original mobile coffee shops in Davao City and well-loved for its good coffee fix. Coffee drinkers visit for its delicious coffee and friendly service. Its prices are very friendly also. It’s located along V. Mapa Street fronting The Pavilion Building / Paws n’ Claws Davao, Davao City.

9. Coffee for Peace at One Oasis Building along 6105 Ecowest Drive serves pour-over coffee, espresso-based drinks, non-coffee drinks, pasta, salad, sandwiches, rice meals, and coffee beans. It also sells world class quality coffee with a vision of promoting the culture of peace. It is located at the ground floor of One Oasis, Ecowest Drive.

10. Paramount Coffee. A coffee shop that serves premium, sustainable beans from Mt. Apo located at Paramount Garden Complex at Crocodile Park. Besides coffee and desserts, it also offers affordable meals. Find your perfect blend in this coffee spot with a cool ambiance. Plus, it roasts its own coffee beans.

11. The Secret Garden Café. Well-liked for its ambiance and interior design. It offers espresso-based drinks, tea, non-coffee drinks, pasta, and sandwiches and highly recommended is the grilled cheese sandwich. It is an ideal place for plantito/plantita coffee lovers. The café is located in Opal St. SM Village, Bangkal.

12. Wood and Coffee PH. Stands out in terms of look and feel. Located in Upper Dampa, Magtuod, Davao City, it has a modern industrial interior that creates a cool and trendy atmosphere. It offers craft coffee, espresso-based drinks, non-coffee drinks, pastries, pasta and sandwiches. This cafe houses the Gil Bumanlag Art Gallery. His works and furniture are also for sale.

13. Starbucks Damosa. This Starbucks at Damosa Complex in Lanang not only provides a welcoming and inviting place for the people to connect but it also offers a drive-thru service. This two-storey coffee shop carries the familiar Starbucks homey interior. Like the other branches, it also serves the same well-loved pastries and sandwiches.

14. Isem Cafe Co. Known for its Spanish latte. It is located in Maligaya Ave, Matina, Davao City.

15. Kofi Gram. An aesthetic outdoor café and an ideal spot to chill while enjoying espresso and desserts. Kofi Gram is an ideal place to meet friends, relax, and enjoy delicious pastries and sweets or just grab a cup of your favorite coffee. Dubbed Davao City’s newest hidden gem for espresso and dessert lovers, it’s located at Dizon Compound, along Matina Aplaya Road (next to Rustic Corner).

Thank you to Glen Santillan of Escape Manila for sharing some insights.

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