JABONG! How sweep it is

By the time this column hits the network the East and West playoff series would be over. Either by a sweep or extended by another game, whatever. This promises to be an awesome NBA Finals.

As predicted by soothsayers the Celtics reigned supreme in the East burying the last hurdle in its East Finals quest, the Pacers in the quagmire with 3-0 lead. But in the other series, it’s a totally different story in the wild, wild west.
The top seeded teams one by one they fell and now the last among the seeded teams, the Wolves, the young team who showed much promise at the early stage is in its way out. Their back is against the wall with a 0-3 record against the rejuvenated Mavericks and their only hope to return back to life is to rewrite the history. No team was able to comeback from that disadvantageous 0-3 position in a-playoff series. The same story for the Pacers in the east.
I don’t want to dwell on the NBA finals until the teams have officially completed the East and West playoff series. But some fans said that, the Celtics winning the East series with ease has something to do with Lucky the Leprechaun, the official mascot of the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

The Celtics overwhelmed their foes in the playoffs due to injury of its rival’s key players. The Cavs lose Allen and Mitchell at the critical part of the playoffs, then the Pacers lose Haliburton at the middle of Game 2. Call it a stroke of luck for the Celtics and disaster for their rivals? Call it whatever but the latest joke is that the Celtics might have to rest its star center the unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis for the rest of the playoff series to level the playing field. Fair enough?

The team that can sweep the series in their conference finals definitely have the psychological advantage with that moral boosting feat. The more if it’s done away from home since it will create an aura of confidence come the Final series. Winning the series at home with the adoring fans is sweeter but sweeping it away from home creates that sense of invincibility, of winning despite the odds, the heckling while playing against the sea of enthusiastic home team fans.

Sweep or no Sweep, the NBA Final series will be ahelluvah championship series.

Notes: I love seeing young boys and girls hitting those divots practicing their swing and craft and by saying that Jungolf is nearest to my heart is an understatement. Lucky for Davao, Junior golf is coming alive and well with the support of the clubs and some kind hearted golfers. Golf clubs now include Jungolfers in its series of tournament including the Monthly Medal tournaments to give the young golfers the exposure and experience in competing.

Among the bunch of promising Jungolfers I noticed is Raven John Jumawan. An 8-year-old Jungolfer introduced into the game less than a year ago but regularly competes and winning tournaments despite his being a newbie to the sport, thanks to the support and guidance of his father, ace fotog Roland, more popularly known among the golf circle as the father of Raven John, hehehe.

Congratulations RJ and good luck to all the Davao Jungolfers who will participate in the JGFP South Cotabato Brittanika Junior Open tournament this coming weekend June1&2,2024.

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