Aeon Luxe: Strengthening Mindanao’s brokers network

Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. (ALPI), a visionary real estate developer known for high-rise commercial and residential towers, announced its strategic expansion of broker partnerships in Northern Mindanao, particularly Cagayan De Oro (CDO) and Bukidnon Province.
In a bid to propagate the successful “Invest In Davao Concept” throughout the rapidly developing regions of Mindanao, ALPI is engaging with brokers and real estate agents in these new areas to facilitate investment opportunities in Davao City’s booming economy.
Key highlights include:

• Expansion of Brokers Network: ALPI is proactively reaching out to real estate professionals in CDO and Bukidnon, inviting them to partner and become well-versed in promoting ALPI’s premium properties in Davao City.

• Roadshows and Open Houses: To drive investments and empower brokers with better insights into Davao’s market, ALPI has organized numerous roadshows and plans to hold more open houses showcasing Davao as an attractive business hub.

• Support for Brokers and Agents: By joining hands with ALPI, brokers not only extend their portfolio but also gain access to comprehensive support in selling top-tier real estate projects that promise to reshape Davao’s skyline.

• Executive Endorsement: Jester Hospital, Vice President for Sales and Marketing at ALPI, attended the key events and underscored the company’s confidence in Mindanao’s pool of investors who are vital contributors to Davao City’s growth trajectory.

Jester Hospital emphasized, “The expansion into CDO and Bukidnon marks a significant milestone for ALPI. We are committed to fostering symbiotic partnerships with local brokers, thereby creating a robust network that supports Davao City’s ascent as a commercial and financial powerhouse.”

ALPI’s vision aligns with the broader prospects of Mindanao, leveraging the potential of its brokers to usher an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity across the region.

Aeon Luxe Properties, Inc. is a leading property developer in the Philippines, specializing in premium commercial and residential buildings, including skyscrapers that offer luxurious living spaces and bullish business locales. With a reputation for quality, innovation, and sustainable development, ALPI continues to redefine urban landscapes in Mindanao and beyond.

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