Cement firm eyes recycling 10M tons of demolition wastes by ’25

Strengthening its circular economy strategy, Holcim Philippines said Thursday it is targeting to recycle 10 million tons of demolition wastes next year.

In a statement, the volume of Holcim’s recycle materials would be higher than last year’s level of nearly 8.4 million tons, making the company one of the top recyclers in the country.

Holcim also called on stakeholders to shift to circularity and partner with companies that push for innovative and sustainable building solutions.

“Advances in technology and design allow us to repurpose construction demolition materials instead of using virgin resources in new structures. This practice is relevant to the Philippines and we are excited to work with partners to accelerate its adoption locally,” Holcim Philippines chief sustainability officer Sam Manlosa Jr. said.

In 2022, the Holcim Group chose the Philippines to pioneer the Circular Explorer prototype of a catamaran created to recover and recycle plastic from Manila Bay.

The company said the Circular Explorer is also supporting the Plastics Research Intensive Methods Training Program to capacitate 80 early-career researchers and faculty members from 50 universities and government agencies across the country.

It is also in discussions with several schools and the Department of Education to use the platform to teach marine conservation and integrate circularity and sustainability into the education curriculum.

“Circularity is a critical enabler of sustainable development with positive impact from sea to cities. By engaging a variety of stakeholders, we aim to win over allies that can accelerate momentum towards transformation. We are hopeful that the steps we are taking can help shape policies supportive of circularity, and mold a new generation more mindful of the environment,” Circular Explorer project manager Christine Bellen said.

Meanwhile, since 2018, Holcim has reduced its freshwater withdrawals through water recycling and improvements in efficiency. (PNA)

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